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Originally Posted by kitchenelf View Post
You are right - however, her steamed dim sum - sum o' dim are stickin' Sorry, I'll be good.

Whether something is steamed or fried or even a pastry - these little bites are called dim sum. Dim sum is the bigger picture, just like tapas is the bigger picture. Pot stickers ARE dim sum, steamed dumplings ARE dim sum, along with sweet treats.

GREAT point to bring up Gossie!! It's funny how those steamed little "purses" is the food that is associated with dim sum.
And I might add...it is just a differences in how you call it...in plain English, they are called "appetizers". Dim Sum is Chinese terminology for any finger snacks pretty much like how the French refers to it as "Amuse Bouche" or the Spanish/Latino as "tapas"....
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When I lived in Hawaii, I wanted Mom (who was visiting) to really experience Dim Sum. So I called a Chinese friend and said, "HELP." My mom still remembers that as one of the quintessinal experiences of her life. It was a Sunday brunch kind of day, and Edie selected dozens of kinds of food, cussing out the waitresses as she went along. There were five of us, and the place priced the meal according to the number and size of the steamer baskets. I'd done it once before (with a Korean-American friend) and a few times since (once in Hong Kong), but variety is really the key to a great dim sum meal. The one thing all of the restaurants I've had this treat in served that I never got the nerve up to try was steamed chicken feet. Now why is that?
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Originally Posted by Claire View Post
The one thing all of the restaurants I've had this treat in served that I never got the nerve up to try was steamed chicken feet. Now why is that?
because they are chicken feet and they walk in chicken sh**?
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How can I get my DH to like these? Every time I say pot stickers are for dinner, he frowns. The poor guy will eat them just because there's nothing else but I know it's not one of his favorite meals. I use onions, cabbage, ground pork, soy sauce, garlic, and ginger as my filling.
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you guys have made me hungry for chinese. will have to settle for take out.

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