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hi lugaru,and friends,how are you?how much time.It was imposible to me enter here for time,sorry.Now I begin to have time.
tortilla de patatas,it is our traditional dish,and how is normal there are tastes,there is who put chorizo,etc...I love to see the potatoe,and it must fry too low,near burning,and a little of onion than give sweet to the potatoe.I think is easy so I don't explain how to make it.first fry the veg too low,and retired oil and enter the eggs,you give a round,there is who make in the air,but I prefer a dish to fry the turtle in the other side.
Here there is a tapa JALAPEÑOS is a jalapeño cover with a besamel,and after flour,egg,and bread.
also there is other than is of school,pollo al ajillo=chiken to little garlic
chiken,garlic,a some spice peeper(jalapeño,etc),oil,wine,fluor
there are differents ways to make it I will explain which I love
first boil some garlic in oil,too low because yo must look than the oil has taste to garlic,retired these garlic,there is who make with the same garlic.cover half chiken pieces in flour,and fry in the same tasted oil,with some more garlic and some jalapeños or spice peeper,when they have colour,then enter wine and left to clean the chiken,the flour after boil the wine will left like a sauce like white.the chiken has taste to garlic and has something of jalapeño.
pardon for my english is toooooooooooo bad,sorry,and if you need more explications I can give more
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I think than the idea of tapas is nice because you can offer a complicated dish and make it cheap,people can taste good,expensive dishes and make it cheap,because these dishes need to be little or concentrated,in a little piece of bread could enter since espumas,caviar,etc... and in a little dish you can enter all than you want,here in the epoque of mad cows there where who used kangaroo meat,etc.all is nice to taste like a tapa.
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mateix/Jose, excellent information, thank you!

I make a potato and egg torta Espanola like this, sorry no measurements...

about 4 medium potatoes, peeled and sliced about 1/8" thick
olive oil
2 med. onions, sliced thin
about 6 eggs, beaten
salt and pepper

This is a double cook method. First, place oil in large skillet about 2 inches up the pan. Add your sliced potatoes in a single layer over the bottom, then top that layer with a layer of onion, continue until all your potatoes and onion are in the oil. Then simmer the potatoes and onion in oil for about 10-15 minutes, until the potatoes are slightly softened and "floppy". Remove the potato and onions to a shallow bowl and reserve the flavored oil used to simmer them. Pour the beaten egg and salt and pepper over the cooked potatoes, while still hot, and let them sit in the eggs for about 10-15 minutes. they will soak up the egg mixture.

Then reheat your skillet and add some of the flavored oil. Pour your egg and onion and potato mixture into the pan and flatten it with a spatula. Fry it like a big pancake until its brown on the bottom, then flip it over and finish the other side.

Of couse you could add any veggies or sausage you like.
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