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Originally Posted by Chile Chef View Post
Hey guys & gals, Here's my first sushi making attempt and the whole sushi log was 90ml grams of sodium with out any added salt.

As one of the ladies said in this thread my rolling would be a little quirky until I can get the hang of it. And the rolling was a little quirky but not too bad.
CC, your sushi roll looks great. It has... umm... character!
Save the ends for me, please.
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Rack me up as another "Tried It, Didn't Like It" sushi maker.
Good thing we got the kit as a present, didn't waste any money, LOL!

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Originally Posted by spork View Post
CC, your sushi roll looks great. It has... umm... character!
Save the ends for me, please.
Sorry I ate them all, They were very tasty, but I got to figure out how the veggies get sof soft, the carrot was a little hard.

Originally Posted by GrillingFool View Post
Rack me up as another "Tried It, Didn't Like It" sushi maker.
Good thing we got the kit as a present, didn't waste any money, LOL!
Very cool, but I love sushi and its not a waste of money for me though thanks bud.
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I really did not like fish at all as a child and young adult. But I was raised in a family that ate raw beef, and I loved it. My husband was assigned to Hawaii, and friends of ours were there, and served me ahi sashimi. It was love at first taste. Then I got into sushi, and learned that sushi doesn't mean raw fish. Then my dad visited us and fell in love with sushi. And he hates rice! It is all about the ingredients and how it is presented. No one should ever have sushi without a guide the first time if they are not adventurous eaters. I've had many friends ask me to introduce them to sushi, and my father won't go for sushi if I'm not there with him.
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Originally Posted by bigdaddy3k View Post
Sushi tuna has been frozen down to a certain temp that kills bacteria. (talkin out my a$$ but thats what a sushi chef told me)
I lived in B.C., where we had sushi and sashimi places as thick as an average town has cofeehouses, and they said the same thing, except it isn't frozen, so much as chilled below zero, (but doesn't actually freeze because of the salt and oils in the saltwater fishes.

P.S. Also heard that "freshwater" sushi/sashimi is a slang term for places with bad hygiene that will make you sick or give you worms.

P.S.S. I recommend "cooking with dog" from youtube for japanese food. God I wish I could get a decent Miso soup, or Gyoza here in T.Bay.
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Old 01-31-2010, 09:26 AM   #46
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Bobby, try making your own gyoza. It is not hard, just a little tedious. I prefer making my own wrappers, but you can use wonton wrappers. I recommend Asian Dumplings by Anna Nguyen, available on Amazon.

I want to have a dumpling party, and teach people how to make them. They freeze nicely, so if you have a stock in the freezer, you can be eating gyoza in 20 minutes.
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Sparrowgrass, that is an inspired idea! I regularly do sushi parties, everyone "rolls their own", but gyoza is a great plan!
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CC - GREAT first try. I haven't read the replies since you posted pics so forgive me if this is a repeat. What I see that will help is:

Your rice isn't compacted enough. Take a ball of rice, baseball size, and squeeze it in your hands into shape. It helps to moisten your hands with water so the rice doesn't stick. Once you have compacted your rice use your fingertips to "walk" the rice on the nori. Also, you can cut that nori sheet in half. You want the rice to cover the whole sheet without being too big. I prefer my rice on the outside...either way is fine though.

Once you have the rice squished/walked around on the nori you can either flip over (this is where you will need to wrap your rolling mat with saran wrap.) Either flip over or leave as is. Fill with your ingredients and place at the end of the mat closest to you. Using gentle but forceful pressure roll and apply that pressure everywhere. Too much pressure and your ingredients will shoot out the ends Too little pressure and your roll won't hold together when slicing. It just takes practice. And the worst is you still eat sushi while practicing...not a bad thing. Next time I make it I'll try to remember to take some pictures. Pictures are worth a thousand words.

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