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TNT Chicken Curry?

Does anyone have a TNT chicken curry with potatos?

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The way I make a more 'watery' curry (as opposed to a thick sauce) with potatoes (this is Pakistani style) is:

- Dice up a big onion and put that in some oil (I don't use much oil for the health factor). Saute it.
- Add some crushed garlic and ginger
- Cook for a minute
- Add spices - I add about 1-2tbsp of curry powder, a tbsp of coriander powder and some chilli powder.
- Let it cook so the aroma of the spices comes out. Mix it so it doesn't burn
- Then I add a can of crushed/diced tomatoes and let that simmer for a while (5 mins?). I also add about 2 tbsp of tomato paste (my mum doesn't do this but I prefer it)
- Add in your chicken (I use about 1.5kg chicken cut up into pieces) to the tomato mixture and mix it up so the mixture covers the cicken pieces. Let that cook for about 5 mins.
- Add potatoes and mix through
- Add enough water to just cover the chicken and potatoes. You don't want too little water or too much.
- Add salt
- Let it cook on low with the lid on till the potatoes are cooked. Check the potatoes often so you don't overcook them.
- When the potatoes are done, turn it off and add some fresh chopped coriander to the pot.

We eat this with plain rice and coriander/yoghurt chutney.

The coriander/yoghurt chutney is made by

- blend the coriander to a paste (I use about 1 bunch)
- Put the coriander in yoghurt along with a bit of crushed garlic, some chili powder and a few pinches of cumin powder. (You can also put a fresh green chili in the coriander in the blender to give it some spice). Add salt. Just taste it and adjust it to what you like. Start with less yoghurt and then keep adding till it tastes good to you.

Hope that helps. It's not a restaurant type recipe but one we ate at home a few times a week :)

If you wanted to make a thicker sauce just add less water and mix the potatoes through it occasionally so that all sides get cooked since the water won't be cooking it. You can also add a bit more water and leave the lid off so it evaporates.
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