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Thanks SC - the information will be interesting to read

"Count yourself...you ain't so many" - quote from Buck's Daddy
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My Mom was famous for her meat pies in our little town. She made them much the same as RAYT721, except I don't remember her putting potatoes in them. She would simmer the filling for hours then put into the crust and bake. She used the same filling for stuffing our turkey but would add bread cubes to it for that.
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Originally Posted by Goodweed of the North
Claire; your stories of family and get togethers warms my heart. I'm a fairly strong guy, lift weights, ride (or use to ride) dirt bikes, scuba dive, downhill ski, have been towed behind a seventy-five mph snowmobile on cursty snow, attached by a twenty foot rope tied to an aluminum flying saucer, and a host of crazy, life threatening activities. I have had a cracked rib from judo, have suffered 2nd degree burns on my entire right shin, and am generally very pain tolerant. Not much brings a tear to my eye. But I'm an absolute succer for happy family tales.

Horror movies have no effect on me. I used to pick nighcrawlers in a nearby cemetary as a kid. I grew up in the woods and have lived in the heart of the big city. But put me in fromt of a well written story where family onflict is resolved by love, and the member grow close and inseperable, and I have a lump the size of a baseball in my throat.

When you can truly enjoy your family, and give them food that is grand, or comfortable, and appreciated, or bring them any other kind of true joy, then you are living life at its best.

Seeeeeya; Goodweed of the North
isn't a warm family story just great? i'm grinning away here, head tipped, just imagining the good times at claire's.
i believe that life would not be complete sans comfy 'ol tee-shirts, the Golden Girls, and the color pink
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Thank you so much, SC, for the sites. I'll be printing them for more careful perusal. It was fascinating to read about what could have been my own childhood experiences (substitute accordion, banjo, guitar, organ .... for fiddle. Songs bilingually. And yes, lots of dancing). And to see that the pronunciation I remember isn't just my bad memory. When I first saw the correct spelling, I had to repeat it myself aloud a few times before I could hear how tourtiere could easily become toot-care to my childhood ears.
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