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Originally Posted by frozenstar View Post
Here's mine:
1. Dog
2. Snake
3. Durian
4. Balut
5. Bugs from Thailand (Grasshopper, Worms)
Durian stinks! I can't stand the smell, but my parents love durian. Every time my mom brings home a durian, I have to leave the room or the house because it smells so bad.

I've had....
-pork blood soup
-oxtail soup
-pork bung
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ok so I cooked the goat nuts (testicles...animelles in Larouse) very tender and tasty

Originally Posted by Robo410 View Post
Horse meat chorizo-absolutely the best ever! (Costa Rica)
Duck innards stew (like pork blood stew) so good...addictively good

love all those Brit and Euro things like black and white pudding, blood sausage etc (scrapple!!! yeh!!!)

Love sweatbreads kidneys liver cheeks tongue etc. I have goat's nuts in my freezer right now.

Have not cared for insects except those that are underwater (crab lobster shrimp etc.
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Hmmm ... can't think of much that compares to this. Sushi, yes. I love raw beef. But nothing truly weird. Have eaten shark and snake, but not what you'd call weird. Oh, and mollyanne, in many cultures, humans don't drink milk after being weaned. Yes, cats and dogs DO love cow's milk, but you feed it to them only if you like to clean up the mess afterwards. When I needed to get some food into my pets, I chose cottage cheese, which didn't cause the squirts.
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bizarre food

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