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Originally Posted by GB View Post
The bottom line CC is that if you have what you say you have then it is very serious and you need to get much clearer information that what you have already. that information should ONLY come from your doctor and nutritionist. You should have them write down exactly what you can and can not have. I mistake like 3000g vs 3000mg could be deadly and should not be taken lightly.

While DC is a great resource for information, we are not your doctors. That is who you need to get that information from, not us.
Hurrah! Hurrah! Most definitely. You need to speak to your doctor and a nutritionist who will take a dietary history from you and make recommendations across the board that address YOUR health issues. CHF and sodium are not a good match, I know because I'm dealing with it with my husband's health and I'm an RN. Finding all the sodium in your diet is exhausting work and eliminating it is an uphill battle.
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One of the biggest problems people have with understanding certain diets is that they remember incorrectly what was said, and things are sometimes lost in the interpretation. You really need something in writing you can refer to frequently. I really can't imagine that one physician would have a low-sodium diet plan for CHF patients much different from another since they all get their information from the same sources. The one caveat to that statement would be if there were additional restrictions or requirements for another underlying condition.

Here is something worth reading: Diet for the Treatment of Heart Failure

This info is from the Clinical Dietitians, Nutrition Services, Southern New Hampshire Medical Center ... the Information is adapted from Manual of Clinical Dietetics, American Dietetic Association, 6th Edition, © 2000
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