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I never flip a egg, I either baste it with my (bacon drippings) or add a Tbls. of water, cover and steam till done. My pan is small , holds about 2-3 eggs nicely . Preheating to med.
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Originally Posted by legend_018
So I take it when your ready to flip, you take the tuna can off the egg right? I'm trying to think about flipping an egg with a tuna can surrounding it and I don't think it's possible to flip it with the tuna can there.
You use the egg ring or tuna can until the white sets then lift it off and flip.
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Iíve done what BarbL does with great success. I use an 8 inch, non-stick pan (that pan's only job is eggs), pre-heat to med-high, spray with Pam or use butter, and then I add the egg. I use the spatula to push the whites in and form the egg so it is uniform and round (not spreading thin all over the pan), and once the white is beginning to set, I cover the pan and let it go. In a few minutes, itís perfectly done and slides out of the pan onto the plate.

However, for the past year or so, Iíve been flipping my eggs. Using the same 8 inch non-stick pan, I start everything the same way (med-high heat, Pam, form the egg), and let it cook uncovered. After 1-2 minutes, I pick up the pan and ďwiggleĒ it. If the egg slides back and forth easily, its time to flip, so I tip the pan forward, the egg slides to the lip, then with a flick of the wrist, I flip the egg out of the pan, over once, and catch it again in the pan. Occasionally, some of the white spreads out once it hits the pan, so I use the spatula to form the egg back to perfectly round. Then, 1-2 minutes more, and itís done (usually 1 minute since I like a runny yolk).

Once I learned this flip procedure (and you really need to coat the pan with Pam, oil or butter to ensure this works), Iíve made perfectly flipped and fried eggs every time....and itís fun too!

Get an 8 inch non-stick pan (it doesnít need to be expensive) and try your hand at flipping them this way. Itís surprisingly easy to get the hang of it. We used to have an outdoor cat that loved fried eggs, so for a while I was frying an egg nearly everyday, and quickly got the hang of this. Once you learn this method, youíll never go back.
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