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I love eggs, and will eat them in just about any way!

Fried (whites fully cooked, yolks slightly runny)
French toast - but I always have it savoury, with sliced cheese, tomato slices, bacon etc. I've never had it sweet, but I'm sure I'd like it.
Hardboiled (I love an egg sandwich. Throw on some lettuce or rocket for a treat)
Baked in cream with mushrooms
In custards
In quiches
Nice in fried rice. Just toss in an egg and let it fry, and as it sets, cut it into strips.
Hardboiled eggs, chopped, are nice in a potato salad.
Stuffed eggs
I like a fried egg and bacon sandwich!! With Worcestershire sauce.
Dippy egg! Soft-boiled egg in shell, with fingers of toast to dip.

Just gimme eggs!
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Old 01-28-2006, 05:54 PM   #22
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Some of my faves are quiche, and frittata or omelette with varied ingredients, though I am so terrible at flipping them neatly it often ends up as scrambled..., we also love egg salad for sandwich filling.
Needless to say eggs are our kitchen staples also as a key ingredient for cakes, desserts, crepes, pancakes etc.
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Mmmm, in quiche, frittata and omelettes too! Scrambled with potato hash and bacon or smoked ham. Scrambled with chorizo on corn tortillas. Over easy topped with lots of hot sauce with a side of refried beans and corn tortillas. Mostly I love them covered in sugar like in FLAN!
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All this talk of eggs made me change our supper plans to over easy eggs, fried potatoes and broiled steak tonight!!
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My comfort food eggs are over easy with sausage pattys and hash browns.

My wife likes my scrambled eggs with cheese (usually parmesan and pecorrino), crumbled bacon and herbs.
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Originally Posted by Constance
I'm with you, Weed. I love eggs, just about anyway.

One thing you all haven't mentioned is the fried egg sandwich...
...Sometimes when I was little, and my dad was on strike, my mother would make "Eggs Mimosa"...she made a white sauce, sliced the hardboiled egg whites up into it, spooned it over toast, and sprinkled the top with the seived yolks. She served it with fried bacon on the side...two slices each for her and me, and 4-5 for Dad.
How could I have forgotten the egg sandwich! I love them too, epecially with a strong pork sausage patty and melted American or Swiss cheese on top. The sausage must be flavored with salt, pepper, red pepper, and sage. If it has some maple in it, that's a plus. Eggs are cooked with a broken yolk, preferably in a bit of hot bacon greese so that the edges become crisp and semi-transparent. The whole thing is served on either a crescent (pronounced kwasaunt), or on a whole wheat english muffin. A bit of mayo doesn't hurt either.

And you have to post the "Eggs Mimosa" recipe for me. I've never heard of that one and am anxious to try it.

Oh, and just for you Constance, I've proofread up to page 354 of the 540 page SF novel. When the first proof is completed, I'll send the whole thing to you on either 3 1/2" floppy, or cd-rom, whichever you prefer. It should be ready for your magic touch in about 2 weeks.

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Eggs rule! Not a fan of hard boiled or deviled, but just about anything else is good. I'll even try something I've not had at least once if it has eggs. Cooked of course.

Favorites are scrambled, over easy, medium, or hard (runny yolk to not runny), or in a queish (sp?) or pie. My typical breakfast is whole (multi) grain bread toasted with a slice of american cheese, and two over medium/hard eggs as a sandwich. That and some milk is how I start my day (in fact, just finished said breadfast now!).

I make a number of breakfast sandwiches using bagels, english muffin, or toast. If I incorporate a meat, it is typically bacon. Not to say I don't like sausage, but I just prefer bacon. Eggs and bacon are my breakfast vices. I love (and rarely visit) breakfast buffets because I usually eat copious quantities of both!

If the eggs are by themselves, I prefer scrambled. Scrambled with ingredients mixed in (arguably an omlet, or more closely a frittata {sp?}) is all the better. As part of a breakfast sandwich, over easy/meduim/hard depending on the availability of a toasted bread products to sop up the yolk. As part of a recipe for quiesh/pie, as long as they are cooked, whatever the recipe calls for.
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Personally, I like scrambled, omelletes (I'm the omellete guy at the club I work at), and over-hard. PeppA, her mom, and the kids like over easy to over medium.

To me, egg sandwiches are one egg, over hard, seasoned with salt and pepper, and put between two pieces of white bread. To my MIL, an egg sandwich is two eggs, scrambled, between two pieces of white bread with catsup.

I like hard-boiled eggs, and add them to tuna salad, chicken salad, or make egg salad from them.

I'm not particularly fond of poached. And, I prefer my eggs to be done.
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Thanks for nudging my memory Allen, I pracitcally forgot about egg salad sandwiches as well. Yum! And one of my all time favourite sandwiches (though it'a not really on the menu these days) is a Denver egg sandwich with loads of melting cheese and fried green peppers - so delicious!

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