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Other than the traditional country cast iron skillet breakfast recipes I grew up with I would have to say that a version of Steve Kroll's shakshuka recipe tops the list.

I have to admit that when I make it it's more like an Italian or Mexican version of eggs benedict but it's in the same spirit as the original.

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This thread provides a lot of info on egg recipes.
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It depends on the ethnicity of the egg dish.

For a traditional American egg dish, I vote for the Western omelette, Denver omelette, or the basic ham and cheese omelette. A typical American egg breakfast you can't beat is two eggs over easy or scrambled, 4 slices of bacon, and hash brown potatoes, with toasted bread with butter and fruit preserves or pancakes with syrup.

In the southern United States, biscuits with sausage gravy, ham steak with red-eye gravy, or chicken fried steak, along with eggs any style and grits is customary and I do not shy away from it.

For Mexican, it is definitely huevos rancheros, or huevos y chorizo if I am in a hurry.

For Italian, I will always love a traditional fritatta, traditional meaning with diced potatoes, meat and cheese. You can add peppers and onions if you wish, but say nay nay to milk, cream or flour (that would make it a soufflé). Runner up to the fritatta is uova del diavolo, a.k.a. eggs in purgatory.

From Spain, I like a Tortilla Española , which is absolutely nothing like a Tortilla Mexicana, but is similar to an Italian Fritatta, with only potatoes and onions. I have been known to serve Mexican tortillas along side a Spanish tortilla.

I will pass on British bangers and mash or Irish bangers and colcannon.
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american cheese, black pepper, butter, cream, egg, recipe, salt

My Favorite Egg Recipe I have enjooyed many egg dishes in my life, from delicate, lofty souflies, to bacon grease basted fried eggs with crispy edges, to American style omelets, filled with meat, cheese,crispy hash browns, and cheese, peppers, etc. to frttatas, egg foo yung, deviled eggs, poached eggs, well you get the picture. However. my all time favorite eggdish is a proper French Omelet. Here's how I make mine. First, I'm not a huge fan of Kraft American Cheese slices. They aren't even real cheese, But they are just right for this omelet as the melt creamy smooth, and don't overpower the wonderful egg flavor, but compliment it. Ingredients: 1 large, fresh egg, with deep orange yolks 1 pinch Kosher dalt 1 pich fine ground black pepper' 2 tbs heavy cream 1 slice American cheese, broken into 2 equal halves 2 tbs. butter Heat non-stick pan, with rounded sides, over medium heat. Add butter to the pan and swirl to coat. Beat remaining ingredients, except the cheese together in a bowl When the butter is bubbling, pou the egg mixture into the pa. Swirl The egg to coat the pan bottom. Gently shake the pan forward and back to allow the unset egg to roll off of the top of the omelet and onto the pan. When the omelet is shiny on top, an still barely wet, lay the cheese to cover half of the omelet. Slide the omelet from the pan to a plate, folding one half over the other. Let the omelet sit for 1 minute to let the residual heat finnish setting the egg. Serve with your favorite beverage, and a toasted English muffin with butter and honey, or jam Ok, what is your favorite egg dis, where the egg is the star? Seeeeya Chief Longwind of the North 3 stars 1 reviews
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