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I make flaky pastry with lard (eek the saturated fat - oh well) and butter. I will look at my recipe and post it to you privately over the weekend when I get a chance!
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Cold water on hands tip - works...

Ishbel, my gran also gave me that tip! I think it works. Sometimes at the office, I'll use that "tip", too, just to cool off on a hot, humid day.
Kyles, you're lucky you got "the gift". I'm not giving up though. And...I agree about the shortcrust being better for the pasty, whereas sausage rolls are delish with flaky pastry. Mmmmm, could go for a good old Ramona Cafe pie right now!
It's my birthday on Sunday & there is a tradition at the office to bring in breakfast, (most bring in bagels). This year I thought I might make some sausage rolls and a savoury tart to take in on Monday for my American colleagues! Wonder if they'll enjoy?! -Sandyj
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Hi All,

I tried to attached my last pasty try but I don't know if I success this. I'm going to Olympos Antalya for a week(south of Turkey) for vacation . Before; I have some question to reply...

- We don't have lard in here. what kind of butter can I use for substitute or can I use shortening? And when I choose butter must it be unsalted one without water inside?
-Kyles: I'm waiting your recipe also and I want to ask you if you tasted Greggs Chciken Pasty... Do you know what they use for dough and fillings chicken with bechamel sauce?
- For flaky is it must to have lard?

You can find my pasty link below also Olympos..

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I have made flakey crusts using butter, lard, and shortening (lie Crisco brand) and even cooking oil. The key to flakey pastry is to create the pea-sized granules of flour/salt/fat, don't overwork the dough (I use a pastry cutter to blend the ingredients together), and keep the dough cold, to maintain a certain amount of stiffness in the little dough balls if you will. When the dough warms, it tends to blend into a more homegenized mixture. The individual little dough balls, when chilled and mixed with a tablespoon or two of ice-water, turn into little flat-flakeswhen rolled out, weakly glued together by the wet starch. This allows the crust to be handled and formed to the pie-pan. When cooked, the moisture is mostly evaporated out, leaving a solid crust of flatened dough flakes, easily fractured when acted upon by pressure (provided by your teeth, a fork, knife, etc.).

Shortbread, on the other hand, is supposed to a continuous piece of pastry, with a fine and tender crumb. Both are great. Each has properties that make it more suited to one recpe type than the other.

If memory serves me correctly, use 1/3 cup of fat for every cup of flour (ratio = 3 to 1 of flour to fat respectively). Add about 2 tbs. ice water per cup of flour, after the fat, flour, and salt have been blended.

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Flaky pastry - this recipe is courtesy of one of the two fat ladies, Jennifer Patterson. She uses cookeen, which is a white vegetable fat, I have used lard instead if I can't get the cookeen. (it's what those in the US called Crisco)

425g plain flour
200g chilled butter
55g cookeen
2 tsp salt
175g water (I add the water gradually sometimes you need less, depends on the day, your flour, all sorts of things)
85g butter softened
1 egg for glazing

Blend all ingredients except for the softened butter and egg, either in a food processor, or the finger tip rub in method.
Form into a ball, wrap in cling film and refrigerate for two hours.
Roll the pastry into a rectangle, over the bottom spread half the softened butter, fold in half to enclose the butter spread with remaining butter and fold again. Roll into a rectangle and fold in thirds like folding an A4 piece of paper to put in an evelope. Chill for two hours
To obtain a flakier pastry, keep repeating this method up to four times, using more butter.

Chill again for 2 hours, roll into a rectangle and cut into desired shapes.

This will give a result not dissimilar to Greggs flaky pastry, but not quite the same. The technique to get that very flaky pastry is very difficult and not one I have mastered.

I don't like Gregg's chicken pasties at all, so I am not sure how to replicate them!!!
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Here is a pie crust recipe I use for alot of things other then just pies.

Mix and chill for 1/2 hour. Enough for 2 double crust.
3 cups flou1/2 lb lard
1 tsp salt
1 egg
1 Tlb vinegar
5 Tlb water
Add flour, salt, lard and blend to sm crumbles. Slightly beat egg in a sm bowl and add to it the vinigar and water and then add to flour and lard mixture. Chill and then roll out between 2 sheets of wax paper with a little flour shaken over the paper to keep dough from sticking. This rolls out easy and is a very flakey crust. Remember to turn the dough a few times when rolling it out and add a little flour to the wax paper if needed to keep from sticking.
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