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?? 8/14

?? 8/14
Did you know.

The American Museum of Natural History is four square city blocks big and
sports a 15 1/2-ton meteorite and the largest cut gem in the world-the 21,000-plus carat Brazilian Princess Topaz.
1. to which of the fifty would i have to travel in order to visit the longest recorded cave system in the world? bonus; what's the name of the system?
2. what was the new title given to the film, "watch the skies", before it's release?
3. what does the WD in "WD-40" stand for?
4. in the pacific northwest it's known as Bigfoot; in the high snows it's
known as the yeti, or the abominable snowman; what's the phenomenon called
in Australia?
5. name the ship whose captain was set adrift by his crew near the island of Tofua in Tonga in 1789.
6. who threw more wild pitches than any other major leaguer in the 20th century?
7. what decade did US news & world report sum up as:
"bad Presidents, bad clothes, bad hair"?
8. what's removed from your body and then put back, in a procedure called aphaeresis ?

Eskimo Pies were originally named I-Scream-Bars.



4. the yowie
6. NOLAN RYAN (277)
7. THE 1970'S
8. your blood

One summer day in 1919, inspired by a boy who couldn't decide between ice cream or candy in his store, part-time schoolteacher Christian Kent Nelson of Onawa, Iowa, invented the I-Scream-Bar--- chocolate-covered ice cream
on a stick. It was an immediate hit, and in 1921, Nelson partnered with a candy maker named Russell Stover to market and produce the bar, re-named
"Eskimo Pie".
By early 1922, the bars were selling at a rate of over 1 million a day.

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takes two minutes or less; ten easy questions a day.

“Food is like sex: When you abstain, even the worst stuff begins to look
good.” – Beth McCollister
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