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Ants & Others

Yesterday I discovered trail of ants marching into my house. Someone told me that putting moth balls down would help. Has anyone had success with moth balls and what do you do when you have ants? Seems ongoing battle. First mice, then ants, what next?

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Go outside and see if you can find where they are coming in. Quite possibly you
will also find their nest.
Then go buy some ant bait and put them outside... and inside where you have seen them.

Worked like a charm for us.
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ok. if you don't want to haul out the big guns as far as insecticides are concerned, ants don't really like cloves.....wipe the surface of whatever they are marching in with vinegar----they are lining the trail with pheromones---this is why they march in a line....they are following a scent......vinegar will confuse the heck out of them.......then if they are congregating in a particular are ---for me it was the top of the kitchen sink then set out some cloves----confuses them and they don't like it......
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Appreciate it

Monday I will have to tell the class what you all suggested. They are upset as I am and they in turn are asking others about what is the best way to deal with them. Maybe the dogs with their food is attracting them. I cannot keep the food in refrigerator as I have no room but I have to feed them. I think these liver bits do not help. Will try the vinegar and check where they are coming from Trouble is we have large cobblestones right next to the garage. They could all be under there. Those things are very heavy to move. Guess we have no choice if we don't use them soon.

Thanks for your time and suggestions. If they give me some better ones will let you know. Vinegar and cloves? Different.
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Old 05-31-2008, 06:36 PM   #5
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Natural Insect Pest Control
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i only get them when dh doesn't rinse his soda cans for recycling :(
i use ortho home defense outside.
my mom swears by them but i dont like to go there because it smells like mothballs. :)
Not that there's anything wrong with that.....
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Old 05-31-2008, 07:12 PM   #7
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"Home Defense" comes in spay bottles and is safe to use inside or outside, with no smell of mothballs. It's a superior product. I use it myself, have gotten it for all my family members and friends, and sell a TON of it!


P.S. I also live with one who doesn't rinse out his soda cans! Grrrrr!
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Originally Posted by LadyCook61 View Post
boy this is a good one. thanks for sharing. Didn't mention 'Home Defense'
According to the very first one that is what I am guilty of. I can't keep the counters perfectly clean. Seems everyone eats around here after I go to bed. Don't clean the dishes afterwards. My kitchen looks like I never even lived here.

Thanks for the help.
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