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So, since both of us are working on the 14th, we decided to have Valentines over the weekend. Saturday, I took her to ULTA cause she needed some more shampoo and other girly stuff. While we were there she pointed out a purfume she really wanted, Dior something or other. We walked around for a bit and the first chance I had, I made a break for it. I walked away and bought the perfume, figuring I wouldn't be able to buy the Wii for her in time. Thank god for the nice big warm jacket she bought me for Christmas! We got home and just before I started dinner I surprised her with it, even tho she had a feeling I got it when I walked away from her. Sunday, they were having a sale on the Wii at Toys R Us, So I decided to go. The guy in front of us bought the last one (I had to see the darn Bionicals commercial before we left, so I spent 15 minutes picking out which two I wanted before we went to the game section ). So, about 5 hours after the week long sale started, they were sold out. As we headed out, my GF noticed that they had a sale on the Xbox 360, buy the deluxe pack (or something) and get a 50 dollar gift card. She bought it for me! My B-day just came a month early! We used the GC to buy a second wireless remote and I bought a game for me and a that Viva Pinata game for her.

I don't know what I did to catch this one, but I am not letting go. Oh, just cause I'm so excited, here's a pic of the Mustang jacket she got me for Christmas:



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Sounds like a keeper to ME! Lucky guy.

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Well, based solely on the fact that she has dealt with my *poo* for all this time and helped me work thru all the problems I had is more than enough reason for her to be a keeper!

This is all just the icing on the cake!

What really gets me is, my ex had 1500 deposited into her account, that wasn't hers. She kept it and I couldn't get her to LEND me 75 bux for a week so I could put a starter in my car. My GF was willing to put the Wii I was going to buy her (cause I spent most of the money on her perfume) on her credit card till I got paid. Well, technically, it's our card. I help her pay her bills as much as I can. The only thing I don't help her with is her car payments, but I do that indirectly by paying her credit card bills and buying food.

Speaking of which, I have Omaha Steaks that were suppose to arrive on Sunday. They better be there when I get home tonight!
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