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Decorative, Interior, Exterior & Colours

Buon Giorno, Good Morning, Buenas Días,

Has anyone been going through a reform of their apartment or house or office ?

Well ... July, was two bathrooms, in complete reform and now, we have the Kitchen & Dining Room almost finished ---

We are veered toward neutral shades and color schemes ...

Sand dune, ivory, off white, cream, cappucchino and black for accent ... and to bring the seascapes and nature indoors in accent. All the floors are wood ... except in the bathrooms ...

However, with the 5 Grand Children, here is what we have done:

This photo below is my twin grandsons´ guest bedroom as they visit most often ...

Have lovely summer,
Margaux Cintrano.

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The children's bedroom is gorgeous Margi quite nautical and very fresh . I too favour neutral colours , I mainly use cream and white for walls and floors are wood. Over the years I have been through many colour schemes (perhaps my most ambitious was my Moroccan phase lol ) now I prefer light and airy themes . I accessorise with a bit of colour in cushions . I love pretty lighting too.

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Love the kids bedroom. Especially the the easy going natural hanging curtains. No frills no fluff ( Not intended to sound rude at all) Just mean it's natural for both genders.

I've been doing a major over haul in my house lately. My youngest son and I redid his entire room top to bottom. He wanted a new color. That was fine, but a new color meant new window treatments, coordinating bedding,. You probably already know the drill. We went from eye sore white walls, to a very nice green, not too green more of a mellow toned green. Green color seems to be the new trend here in the states. Installed wall borders, to separate the colors. The bottom half of the room is green, the top is a soft cream. It doesn't burn your retnas to look at them now. The borders we painted on a very nice soft colored cream. It's a guys room now. We went with instead of curtains to bamboo window blinds. Looks really cool. My house sounds like a jungle. Where is Gilligan?

Lately my kitchen has been getting an over haul as well as my bedroom ( Munk's hideout, double locked doors ;) The bedroom is all foo fooed up. Hubby will just have to get over that one. Just finished the master bath yesterday. No wonder nobody see's me here lately.. Just been working on the house lately. No worries.

I pretty much just left the kitchen as it was originally. Same old colors, boring white, tacky strawberry wall paper. It's still under construction. I don't see a point of doing too much when the lighting is still being worked on. That will be done probably next week. Then I'll decide the little things.

Taking a few days off to recoup from my adventures.. Now it's back to my piemaker. I've been slaking in that department.

If your with me that's great. If not. Get out of my way.
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changed my living room, from white and blue, to white walls with one being painted yellow. recovered sofa, and chair and a bench seat. then to pick up the yellow, used pillows and wall decor. i really like the way it turned out.
"life isn't about how to survive the storm but how to dance in the rain"
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Babetoo,GQ & Munky:Twins & Their Unique Differences

Buon Giorno Ladies, Good Morning,

Firstly, let me thank you all for your lovely compliments, feedback, contributuions and enjoyable anecdotes.

Twins can be different as night and day ... My twin Grandsons ( my Dad was a twin ), Fillippo & Christophe shall be six years old in December ... One loves BLUE and the other adores GREEN ... Thus, since, the seascape, we decided upon combining the Adriatic Blue with an accent of Deep Lime ... The walls are Adriatic Blue, as the room is quite large; and there is another bunk bed on the other side of the room; in other words, two sets of bunk beds, providing 4 beds ...

My older daughter has Adyson & Daniel Jonah, and Adyson is going to be five in December, and Daniel Jonah shall be two in December ... Thus, there is space for all 4 children ... My younger daughter, has a 3rd boy, Anthony Luca, who shall be one year in December too; they are all Sagittarians like myself.

Anthony is too young to sleep in a bunk bed, and thus, my daughter has a special crib for him in the other guest room ...

The sheets are actually, white in background with an Adriatic blue stripe and a deep lime stripe ... Thus, each twin is content !!!

The large windows are actually, sliding glass doors to a terrace with sea views ... The curtains: this is for summer ... We have tossed putting up Blinds too ... The issue is: that we have just finished two bathrms which were horrendous ...This Condo was in RUIN and we bought it to reform it. We are now almost finished with Kitchen. ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN ONE DAY as we say ...

I love your ideas too, with the Lime and Bamboo ... Very lovely ... And what I like most is, one does not have to keep changing the color scheme or decor every year ... A neutral scheme works forever so to speak.
One twin has blue clothes and one only likes Khaki, Olive and all tones of Masculine deep greens and Earthtones ...

Our bedrm was finished first, as we had to have a place to sleep ... we had to eat out however, until recently ... Now the wood flooring, was the toughest job, as this place was in TOTAL RUIN ... It was well worth the price, as it is in a gorgeous historical city on top of a Promotory
and the cliffs overlooking the Adriatic and the Castle Fortress ... Location fab in historical centre, yet at Port and thus, we love it here ...

Thanks for all your interesting contributions once again.

All my best, for a fab August.
Vacation Plans Ladies ??

Ciao, Margi.
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Executive Chef
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Location: Both in Italy and Spain
Posts: 3,425

Sunshine yellow and white ... sounds lovely ...

What is your accent colors ? Turquoise, Lime ? Red ? Salmon ? Lavendar ?

Any plans for Vacation ?

Thanks so much again for contributing ...

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Location: Both in Italy and Spain
Posts: 3,425
Munky, Good Morning,

Thanks so much for your feedback and contribution.

I love the idea of the blinds ...

The white lightweight curtains are great at the moment, however, we have to change the window treatment for the Autumn, as the glass sliding doors face the Adriatic ( east ) and we live on a Peninsula, and it gets windy here ...

I have been tossing blinds, as an idea, and then a heavier weight curtain at least while we are not staying at the Condo ...

What do you think ?

Would be quite open to some suggestions ?

Have a great August.

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