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Dining Out Alone

I almost just added this to another thread going on, and didn't know where, exactly, to put it.

At one point in my life, I found myself single for a half-dozen years in a great dining city. I often went out with girlfriends, and had dates, but found they didn't have very cosmopolitan tastes, or had a lot more or less money or different tastes than I.

I learned the art of dining out alone. I learned to enjoy it. A glass of wine, a pad of paper, sometimes a novel, and the staff of the restaurant. My experiences were always good. How many of you dine out alone? Obviously fast food and Denney's doesn't count. However, your neighborhood ethnic restaurant does.

I'll tell you mine, if you'll tell me yours.


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There was a time in my life when dining alone was the only way to eat out the way I liked to. I generally had neutral experiences - not great, not awful. I do remember getting some odd glances when I asked for a table for one.

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I got many odd glances, and sometimes the assumption that I was a ... well, you know. Lady looking for a sponsor. I quickly put an end to that. This is where I learned my taste for ethnic restaurants; yet my ability to eat more upscale without intimidation (which most women, alone, simply will not do). These were the days before laptops (heck, before desk tops), and even now I've found that writing on a pad of paper makes staff at upscale restaurants fear that you are a restaurant reviewer. No kidding!!! I was really writing to my friends and family (something unheard of now!). Now that I'm 50, and writing letters ... well, even if I sent a letter to someone, I doubt they'd even open it, it'd get junked with the junk mail, and no one would write one. But one trick is to go in for a relaxing meal, and take notes about what is going on in your life. If you open your laptop or other computer/cell phone equipment, the wait staff will (maybe correctly) assume that you don't much care what is going on in the restaurant. The pad and pen gives you the chance to see what is going on around you.
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For many years, I was single, no SO, yadda yadda yadda. I would go out to eat on average once a week. One of my favorite restaurants had two locations open in the same city, both had bars, and one had a counter in front of the pizza station and wood-fired ovens. I was happy as a clam just watching them make pizzas, or watching the TV at the bar and reading the paper. Any other restaurant, I usually took a book. I enjoyed eating by myself, as I could usually afford to get a good, gourmet meal, while not breaking the bank getting the most expensive plate on the menu.
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Me, too. Been there, done that. The after-marriage-single-experience can be quite an adjustment. For me, the 2 big challenges - and the ones I was determined to conquer - were going to the movies by myself and going to restaurants by myself. I'm happy to say I accomplished both and enjoyed my experiences!
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