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DOS Day Afternoon.

(Carried over from I need image hosting help and ideas! )

Originally Posted by Maidrite
Buckytom and Raven , I started learning tube theory, when Solid-State was a new thing , In our High School Computer Club it took 35 to 40 minutes to load a Cassette Tapeso you could play simple pong for 10 minutes till it was time for the next class, and Vic 20's were a wonder and still are for that matter . I worked with the then very popular 27 meg CB's when Land- Line was a popular buzz word !!!!! Along with "Do you got your ears on, Breaker one- nine, and I had a "Handle". So MS DOS was High Tec in my Hey Day. Did I Mention When I Hit the Disco Floor "EVERYBODY WAS AMAZED" Leisure Suit and All . Did I SAY THAT ??????? ANYWAY ........
My uncle started teaching me tube theory at the age of 3 LOL! And I surprised the heck out of him when I actually started picking up on it!

Yes I remember those day's too, sitting up all night typing BASIC code out of Joystick magazine just to play a game and praying to God that the 10 min. Realistic Computer Cassette that you've used to death would actually record it without erroring out (Goodness I can still hear the packets loading into the old Atari if you turned the sound up on the TV LOL!)

My old Atari 800 (8 bit processing and 22k memory, cassette drive and a Percom single-sided 360k 5¼" floppy disk drive) ran MS-DOS 2.0/2.1 instead of the Atari DOS that it came with (ick) and I had a copy of Boreland Pascal that I wrote my first game in. I had the collision detectors set so that they would actuate Play on the tape drive, then I recorded real sound effects and music on the tape behind the program (in sequence since it couldn't be randomized) so as you were playing you got essentially a very rudementry .wav file.

Oh and I had an old Cobra 40 channel too LOL! Remember the song "Hey Shirley? This is Squrrely" and Red Sovine's "Teddy Bear" and of course CW McCalls "Convoy" (personally I liked the song "Sneaky Snake" on the B side of that one )

Originally Posted by buckytom
wow, that was probably the very first gpi interface!!! you shoulda patented it while you had the chance.
Bucky, I'm not familiar with the gpi interface, what is that?

OOPS I almost forgot, if either of you are still into Trade Wars I know where a good game is running right now. Needs more players :D Just telnet into telnet://tbolt.synchro.net/ ...(5 nodes, no waiting hee hee)

~ Raven ~

P.S. The Bee Gee's are STILL my favorite group! LOL! (Nights on Broadway)

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