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Old 07-23-2006, 11:43 PM   #1
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Wink Favorite Toys

Tell us what your favorite toys that you had as you were growing up were ? I will let you know when I narrow mine down. Yes I was Spoiled, But I did work and earn money for alot of my things too

Star Trek Enterprise, Romulian Warbird, Klingon Battle Crusier to start with. Yes GI JOE with the KUNG-FU GRIP, the first one with hair you could feel and the first model of Joe, plus the talking JOE Chemistry Sets and Microscopes I got a sore bottom a few times because of them.
Lincoln Logs @ , Erector Sets, Slot Car and Train Sets, and Legos, YoYos and Whizers.

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My brother's hot wheels and trucks were a favorite thing to play with. He was Ok with it as long as I played with him. But I also liked Lego's, riding my bike, Nintendo (Super Mario Brothers, Frogger, and Donkey Kong Jr.), Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys, the LIFE board game, Chinese checkers, etc. Most of the time I played with my brother because we lived way out of town. Sometimes we would ride our bikes into town to play with other kids.
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Old 07-24-2006, 12:14 AM   #3
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i loved hot wheels, not only for the cool cars and making a loop-d-loop, but the tracks made really good whips to beat your friends and sisters.

my all time favourite toy was my gi joe. i started with the old, molded hair and fixed fingers joe, but eventually got a life-like hair and beard, and kung fu grip.
one day, i was playing with the latter joe, and i managed to scrape off a little of the side of his beard. so i got out a safety razor, and carefully crafted a cool fu-manchu moustache, and shaped sideburns. he was the coolest joe ever. all my friends wanted to know where i got him.
barbie never stood a chance...
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My blankie!
Other than him, books and the channel changer. I wasn't a big fan of toys, but I did like daydreaming alot and playing outside with my friends, mostly pretend games where everything is invisible to people not playing (as in you just have to use your imagination). I read a lot too. I also watched a bit too much TV. I guess kids just have a lot of time on their hands to do a lot of whatever they want.
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I loved my Lincoln Logs and Tonka trucks but my larger scale slot car track was awesome. The cars were almost as big as 'model' cars with a plastic wedge that fit into the slot (mesh metal contacts along both sides.... some of you older guys might know what I'm talkin' about... back before they went to those little HO scale racers). We had a big track set up in our basement and my brother and I would race for hours and HOURS. If you took the turns too quickly your car would flip off... but if you hit it just right, man it was a thing of beauty as the back of the car drifted out across the track as you made the turn (sometimes into your brother's car, causing HIM to flip -- heh heh).
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Barbie and Sindy! I even had furniture for Sindy and her knees bent which was pretty exciting at the time. Barbie used to marry my brother's Action jackson or Big Jim! I also liked Fisher price toys when I was smaller, we had the farm ,the airport,the garage, the houseboat and the house, my dad still has them at his house and my kids played with them.
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My bike that my grandparents rebuilt for me and a radio. Loved listening to The good Rock and Roll music. 50s and 60s were the best.
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I was a girl who absolutely detested dolls and anything girly or pink.
I didn't have a lot of toys growing up. Whenever we were anywhere near a toy shop mother was always like "beh, these toys are so stupid!! You wouldn't possibly be interested in nonsense like this are you?" And I couldn't do anything else but reply sheepishly "No indeed, ma'am..."

However I did enjoy Legos and Play Dohs (which even my mother approved, as long as I wouldn't smear the play doh on the floor, wall or furnitures...) I entertained myself with them for hours and hours, and to this day, I love messing with them with Cris's children.
And oh, loved stuffed animals and still do!!
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Barbie( I had her 3 story town house, & the pink & silver Corvetts), Ken, Strwberry Shortcake, My Little Ponies, my brother's Atari, Lincoln Logs, Slinky, Shrinky Dinks (those little plastic things you colored then baked in the oven to shrink & harden), but my all time favorite thing to do was to have sock fights with my brother. We would ball up all of our socks, hang a quilt over the opening of the stairs, put a pillow up in front of our bedroom doors to duck behind, & throw socks down the hall at each other. The best ones were always at night when it was really dark & you couldn't see where you were throwing.
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Ok--I'm going to "date" myself here but we liked to play "Marathon Monopoly" games in the summer-----play, go home, play next day where you left off the day before. This went on for days. Barbies, of course, but my best friend's mom was a sewer, so we got all her fabric scraps and designed new outfits. Hairstyles were accomplished using straight pins--move over Donacelli. Also the usual games with the neighborhood kids. Great times.
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When I was 6 and my brother was 8 our parents got us a Honda Z50 minibike like the one in the link below. My dad built a racetrack on our property and we rode that thing day after day. When we got older we rode behind our property which was an indian reservation and had 2 square miles of undeveloped property (plus a ton of other undeveloped land as well). The minibike allowed us the freedom to explore much farther than we would have on foot. In the attached pic, the property where I grew up is circled in red. My playground was the woods behind the house. It was a blast!

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Barbie of course. And Hungry Hungry Hippos was my all time favorite "board" game. Then there was Intellivision (before atari). And then games like Hide and go Seek (in the dark was best), Simon Says etc...
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Barbie was my favorite, I had many versions of her, but my favorite was suntan Barbie and Ken. I also liked slinky, twister (remember that?), battle ship, monopoly, Lincoln logs (mine were actually wood, not the plastic ones), dolls of all sorts, chalk and a rock to play hopscotch, weigi board lol, and some paper game that you would write things on and fold up and each person would pick a piece of the paper (cant recall the name of that) but girls still play with that today lol. I have one stuffed animal left from my childhood and that was a monkey that I called cheeta because I was into Tarzan movies at the time. Other than that, I would have to say my bike with the purple banana seat was a favorite.
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Originally Posted by expatgirl
Ok--I'm going to "date" myself here but we liked to play "Marathon Monopoly" games in the summer-----play, go home, play next day where you left off the day before. This went on for days. Barbies, of course, but my best friend's mom was a sewer, so we got all her fabric scraps and designed new outfits. Hairstyles were accomplished using straight pins--move over Donacelli. Also the usual games with the neighborhood kids. Great times.
Marathon Monopoly here too. My whole neighborhood would go outside and play baseball, basket ball, football, hide and seek...it was wonderful.

I was a horse girl so I spent the rest of my time at the stables.
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Lincoln Logs were my favorite. But the kid across the street had Legos.. and those were cool.

Hot Wheels, race tracks or just playing with the cars outside... we would dig holes in the sand to make our car ports which could house over 50 cars. I always made sure I had the coolest cars!!!

I had Big Wheel 360 that was the bomb!

The best toy was my trampoline.... I had more fun on that thing than anything I can recall, also made me one of the most popular kids on the block!

I was not your typical girl!! Quite the tomboy!!!

Oh, I had Barbies too, but we ended up doing things with them that were not the typical Ken and Barbie stories..... taking the heads off to make a murder mystery or something like that, but they were there more for us to tear up than play with.

Ditto on the Monopoly... but all the kids on my block cheated and I was a very sore loser.... so when I was not winning, things were not very pretty to say the least.
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Wow, we are dating ourselves, aren't we??!
I loved my malibu Barbie & her friends and had many "Dawn" dolls too (they looked like mini-barbies) I had a Wonder Woman doll when I was 11 and thought she was all that and a bag of chips. My friend had the Cher doll at the same time (I didn't get Cher, as mom thought she was way too risque). We shared their clothes as they were from the same company and they fit the same outfits....them and also the Toni Tenille doll.
I loved all things girlie. I used to enjoy making doll pottery out of soil and water and making mosaics on the plates with irish spring soap shavings. Meanwhile, my sister and cousin (who lived next door) would just make a mess.
I loved to play Uncle Wiggly and trouble and sorry. I always had to be the yellow one on all counts. On Monopoly marathons, I always wanted to be the dog, but my cousin (yes, her again) was older and always chose it first. Sis wanted the iron, so I usually got the shoe. What kind of game makes you be a hat, a shoe or an iron???

I liked Pong too. Got that in the 8th grade. For those of you youngsters, it was the precursor to all things video and was by far boring as heck. For you oldies, how long did it take you to figure out that you could set the paddles on the exact same place, turn up the speed and make the ball go duh-duh-duh-duh-duh really fast?
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