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From The Loft Laptop

I have just a moment as I have been on the go since too dang early and had some problems today but everything is going okay. J and K have decided to haul wood in and give Cleo a bath so I only have a minute but I wanted to spend it with you real quick.
Katie, thank you. You know why.
I have to say I'm inpressed with K. She hasn't been too much trouble, if anything she is a neat freak from the seventh depth of the underworld and takes her schoolwork very seriously. She has alphabetized my pantry, rearranged everything in here for "efficiency." Efficiency my southern border! I can't find a darn thing here! But she hasn't ventured into my space here, even when I say she can come up she only pokes her head over the top rung of the ladder and stays for a few seconds. She has decided that she has chores. She feeds the pets, cleans, washes dishes, and takes the trash out among helping me with things. K is an interesting kid.
She's a typical kid, likes to gross J and me out, and loves playing with the cats. She takes Cleo for walks and brushes her. J is doing well, starting to laugh more and open up more. We're doing some baking this weekend but J is terrified of the stove, she calls it a fire-breathing dragon. Which it is I guess! J started journaling which I think is really good for her and K also has a journal. K has learned to knit already and is making a scarf, something simple to start out with.
Tomorrow I'm going to brew up some mint tea for us, K has never had it. J loves it but buys the store stuff and I have the real thing here. They love my bread and tomorrow we're making sausage bread which they've never had.
Well I hear K yelling and water splashing so I better get downstairs. I forgot to tell K Cleo hates baths.
I've been waiting for two days for this....
Be back later, love, Erin


A forum is but a forum; the people make it a family.
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I hope you brought your camera to capture Cleo's bath! Thanks for sharing. It is neat to follow your adventures with K and J!


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Thanks for staying in touch, Erinny. We are all pulling for you, J. and K. Hope you're getting the solitude and privacy you need - sounds like this is a great experience for a teenager. Reach around and pat yourself on the back....
Saludos, Karen
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Thanks, you ladies! I don't have a working camera, but I'm saving for one. Boy was that funny! I don't know who was madder, K or Cleo. Well actually, K was determined to give Cleo a bath and Cleo was determined to make it as hard on K as possible.
I'm not sure who won, but both got soaked, so did the bathroom, and Cleo smells good. K was still annoyed this morning.
Today K was out learning how to ski. We have snow! J just came in, scared to death. She's never driven in snow before and had a real blast getting up the side of this mountain. Not. K is on the way home too and she didn't break anything, so I hear. I had visions of her wrapped around a fencepost or a tree but she sounded happy and as far as I know she kept all her body parts intact. Darn. Gravity wasn't always my friend, why should she be different? I'm jealous.
Tomorrow will be busy. K is very interested in the inauguration so we'll be seeing that and discussing it, endlessly. J is doing well, she seems to be happy. I asked her today if she was happy and she said she was and that she was glad they came here. She's just a city girl trying to get used to a more unusual way of life I think. She's still nervous about the cook stove, she thinks it's going to blow us all into next Thursday.
So far so good. I'm glad they came so far. I did tell them that if they caused me any trouble, I'd sell them off as livestock handlers.
What's bad was that they didn't know what a livestock handler was. I told them to behave and they wouldn't have to worry about it!
They're a little gullible sometimes, which is really fun for me.
I'd better get going and get caught up in here. I think of you good people a lot.
A forum is but a forum; the people make it a family.
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