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Its the Cheesiest: Cheetos debuts Cheeteau perfume

It’s the Cheesiest: Cheetos debuts Cheeteau perfume - NY Daily News


Have you had your habanero pepper today????
The hotter the pepper, the better the pepper!!!
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Umm, what date was it?

The one I liked best yesterday was this one:

"From Colchester Zoo's Facebook postings this morning

"Colchester Zoo keepers find evidence of why Komodo Dragons are called Dragons!
A year ago, Curu hit the news when he was the first Komodo dragon hatched in the UK as a result of a natural mating and now Curu is back in the spotlight again.

A month ago, keepers noticed that Curu had two small growths appearing just below his shoulder blades. Initially keepers were worried as they didn’t know what these growths were but further investigations have revealed something remarkable.

Glen Fairweather, head of the reptile section at Colchester Zoo said “The positioning of these growths suggests that the ancestors of the Komodo dragons may indeed have been winged creatures. This is something that we do often see in reptiles, for example, if you look closely at a slow worm, you can still see the remnants of legs but they got in the way when travelling through tunnels, so evolution saw to it that the legs had to go.”

What’s different about Curu, though, is that these growths appear to be growing. Curu is still only a year old and has a lot of growing to do. You never know, we may end up with a winged reptile!

In a separate incident, zoo keepers in America were astonished when a freak accident led to an adult Komodo dragon being exposed to a naked flame. A spokesperson from the zoo said, “It was amazing. The gases in his mouth ignited and just blew out like a huge fireball! We knew he had bad breath, but this was something else!”

In actual fact, Komodo dragons have long been known to carry a host of foul bugs and bacteria in their mouths and have sometimes produced foul smelling gases such as sulphur dioxide, but this is the first time that the gases produced have been proven to be flammable.

Glen Fairweather of Colchester Zoo has said “These are very exciting times. What we are finding out here could re-write the natural history books as far as Komodo dragons are concerned. We are eagerly awaiting further test results which are due back at midday today” "

Almost as good as Richard Dimbleby and the spaghetti trees on BBC television when I was a girl.
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