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Share Your Wisdom

What we know, and what life has taught us, is useless until it is shared with others. some of the most brilliant people I know have an "I've got a secret" attitude, and they keep that secret to themselves. I can testify that what I learned through formal education was basic training compared to what I have learned from others. Each one of you who read these words has a responsibility to share that God-given wisdom deep inside that may help steer someone in the right direction. What you have learned has been tested and proven through your internal laboratory. You have discarded the bad experiences, and hold a copyright on those that are proven good and true.
Some folks think that unless you can carry results to the bank, the experience is meaningless. Most of life's greatest treasures have no monetary value, but will help others avoid pitfalls and sad experiences. Every soul is filled with do's and don'ts that is crying out to help someone following behind you. Your life will become more rewarding as a result of caring about someone else enough to share your experiences with them. Don't belittle what you know, nor be embarrassed to share it with those who will either hear you, or fall victim to someone whose character and motives are in doubt. Every one of us is going to look up to someone else to help us along the way. Make sure you make yourself available.
I have probably shared this personal testimony with you before, but hopefully it will help me make my point more effectively. Back in the early 70's, I was asked by a professor friend of mine to speak to a forum that was scheduled to meet at N. C. State and Duke universities. I never did learn to say no to Dr. Tom Honeycutt, so I agreed to do it. About two months later, I received this special delivery package instructing me who was attending, and how I should write my chapter in the book that was to be given out at the forum. The attendees were the top scientists from around the world in operation research. I called Tom and begged out of my commitment, but was told that it was too late. After a nervous breakdown or two, and a lot of weeping and praying, I got to work on my humble presentation. My article, and my speech was so simple I was afraid I would embarrass my friend and myself. The topic and theme was that you must love others enough to share your great wisdom with those around you, or your great wisdom is wasted. These men and women held multiple doctors degrees in every field you could imagine. Following this simple sermon, I was stormed by these great scientists, inviting me to spend more time with them. This had to be God's doing, because I was scared to death and felt so tiny in their presence.
This experience taught me more than I taught them, I'm sure. God was able to use me by helping me see my potential. From that event, I started working with high school kids in the D.E. program at Garinger High School, and conducting seminars in our professional organization. My package of sharing was always a little technology, wrapped with love and caring for those willing to listen. My theme in these little articles is still the same. A little wisdom wrapped in sincere love and caring about your future.


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man oh man was that powerful.
see? you did what you felt moved to do and say.
good for you.
heart felt and moving.
thanks for sharing..

...Trials travel best when you're taking the transportation known as prayer...SLRC
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