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Memorable School Lunches

I was fortunate enough to be in school from 1960 through 1974. We participated in the hot lunch program at the 3 diffident schools. The meals were cooked in the school kitchens, and were top quality. Here are some of my remembered favorites.

When we moved to the river, We changed schools, and no longer had the otion of walking home for lunch.l We were bussed to, and from school. The lady who cooked made everything from eal food. We had real baked potatoes, real mashed potatoes, roost beef with gravy, freshly steamed veggies, and every Friday, some kind of fish. Some of my favorites at this school were:
Fish sticks, open faced roast beef sandwiches with gravy, mashed potatoes, and a veggie, Pizza, hot dogs and beans, shepherds pie, and the sticky buns. I loved the pork roast, cheese, It was all prepared in the school kitchens, with the aroma of freshly baked bread drivint me nuts until lunch time. Often, there would be class mates who didn[t like this, or that, and so piled it on my plate. The milk was in little half pint cartons, and you could choose white or chocolate. There was often a slice of fresh pie for desert.

The cook, Mrs. Wallace, knew what she was doing and made well seasoned, and ummy food. After the other kids had left for the playground, i often went back for 2nds. Myfavorites were sloppy joes, roast pork with pottoes, adn gravy, the sticky buns - essentially really good cinnamin rolls with a sticky glaze on top, I loved everythig, and was a walking a0etite that weighed well under 100 lbs. when I was taransfered to a Catholic school.

At St. Mary's School, there were two Italian ladies who did the cooking. Favorites there were similar to those at Soo Township school. The milk came in half pint glass bottles instead of cartons. There breads, and basically everything they made was wonderful. My favorites included pigs in the blanket - whole ot dogs wrapped in fresh bread dough and baked to perfection, the pizza, the sloppy joes, roasted meats with mashed potatoes and gravy, steamed vegiees, and really good pie slices. And of course, their pastas, be it American Gojlash, lasagna, or spaghetti was top Again, I always hung around until all others had eaten so I could go back for 2nds.

I was at least 2 grades behind my peers in height, and was skinny, though strong. I ate like a horse an managed to achieve about 92 lbs or weight by the time I graduated high school.

Though from what DW said about the lunches they got in CA, my children ate far better hot lunches, but not nearly as good as I had.

So, what were your favorites if you ate hot lunch?

Seeeeeya; Chief Longwind of the North


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I can remember 3 favorite hot lunches at school. I started school in Indianapolis and walked to school then home for lunch then back to school. When we moved to the Cleveland area in 2nd grade, I started buying lunches. My favorite was city chicken. Pork nuggets on a skewer, breaded and fried. So yummy! It was served with mashed potatoes and corn. My other 2 were their spaghetti and we had pizza burgers. We didn't have traditional pizza ever. The pizza burgers were nothing more than hamburger buns with pizza toppings of sauce, sausage and cheese. No pepperoni. I don't remember what the sides were. We had really good chocolate chip cookies though.

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So many good lunches! Too many to choose. I have recipes from those times. The head lunch lady (Izola Kopf) encouraged my questions and requests for recipes.
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My memory was/is that the school lunch was not very good at all. We never had anything like @jabbur mentions above. We were in Miami those days.
But I think the pizza was okay, and there are a couple others that I liked and waited for in grade school. They posted a lunch schedule for each week and it was on TV. All the schools in Dade county served the exact same lunch.
There was no such thing as food allergies that I can remember. Same menu for everyone.

Now when I was in high school, they were testing a "modular scheduling" type of system that replicated college attendance and extremely loose schedules.
Sometimes you had home room at 8 am and not another class until 3 pm!
It was not a good thing for me as I ended up at the beach or at someones house and always smoking pot.
We would all get in a car or hitchhike back to school to get the 75 cent lunch. Then leave again and not return.
I had to return to night school (same school) to get my high school diploma later when I was married, working and with a small child.
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Grade school/ jr high lunches were very good. High school, we moved, and lunches were less than desirable. The only good things I liked in HS were grilled cheese/tomato soup and pizza burgers.

The first 8 years of school, we had homemade food. Real, not instant, potatoes, casseroles , the only ones I remember were American goulash and mashed potatoes with either hamburger gravy or turkey and gravy. Homemade vegetable soup. Once in awhile we had caramel rolls and about twice a year we had homemade crescent rolls still hot so the butter melted on them Even in grade school they put two on your tray. No seconds. And no, you didn't get a 3rd as you got older. Also once in awhile we had baked fried chicken. One piece, but you could go back and they would give you a wing. I also liked fish sticks and I can't remember what was served with. We didn't have French fries until high school lunch. Apple crisp was my favorite dessert.

Our public school followed the Catholic Friday calendar, meatless spaghetti, mac and cheese, grilled cheese, fish or fish sticks, egg salad sammies. You learned real fast to put potato chips on the egg salad, as the cooks were pretty fast and loose shelling eggs. One of the few criticisms I can think of.
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The school meals never seemed very good when I was growing up, but I went to large schools. There was a tradition of hot dogs on Thursdays and I usually had that lunch. It was pretty good and more appealing than any of the other lunches The smell of the mac and cheese that they made is probably the reason I have never taken a liking to mac and cheese. It certainly wasn't something my Danish mother made.
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Going to have to say its old age but, I cannot recall school lunches good or bad..


Disclaimer: My experiences may not be as someone else might think correct.. Life goes on..
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