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More "out from leftfield" foodie movies

Well I dont know if any of you guy's got a chance to see "The god of cookery " by the guy who did "kung fu hustle" (did anyone even see that film?) but Im back with more absolutely leftfield foodie movie recomendations.

First we've got "The cook, the thief, his wife, her lover". As usual this is a forum filled with nice people so I will warn you, this is an NC-17 movie and figures into a lot of peoples "disturbing films" list on IMDB and movie forums. Still if you are feeling all "artsy" one day it's totally worth it since Peter Greenaway's imagery is absolutely hypnotizing this time around. A "crook" (an INSANELY annoying mobster) owns a restaurant where he employs a brilliant french COOK. The reason he purchased and built this establishment is to have some place fancy to eat where he wont get kicked out, as he is a loud, pretencious, foulmouthed and terrible person. Of courese his WIFE is tired of all this and finding a lot in common with a perfect stranger (they love books, they order the same meals) she decides to make him her LOVER, spreading out her affair with him 5 minutes at a time in visits to the bathroom, hidden in the pantry or in the cheese cellar. As you can imagine this terribly immature and violent mobster finds out, terrible things happen and in the end revenge is served cold.

The movie takes place escentially on 3 interconnected sets which allows for some great sweeping shots, although some other locations are sparecely used (the bathrooms, a library). In a way it's like watching a play through the eyes of a madman (peter greenaway).

Babbets feast I can kinda compare it to chocolat or even "like water for chocolate". This is a movie about rebelious and practically outcast women expressing their passion and talent through cooking, pretty much casting a spell on the locals. In this film you will silently contemplate the oldschool preparaton of a dozen or so courses which makes any foodie stand up and cheer when they finally take shape.

Happy viewing and bon apettite!

My english, she's not so good... I meant to say I did it with the malice of forethought.
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