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Old 01-12-2007, 08:41 AM   #1
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Recently I used a three-letter acronym in a post. I will not repeat it but LINK REMOVED. Of course, the polite form listed on the linked site is not the only interpretation and I do not disagree with the administrative decision to censor it. I cannot even use the excuse that it just slipped out in an emotional outburst. I am embarrassed to admit that I deliberately chose it as a way to express a sense of utter astonishment. My only defense, however inadequate, is that I genuinely did not think it was offensive. Obviously, I was wrong. I wish that I had simply said that I am utterly astonished. I apologize to anyone who felt offended.

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no prob skill.

i think we're all trying to find out exactly the best way to communicate, under the posted rules.
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Ciao Skillet, and apology well accepted!! We are all human and get angry sometimes, and we all have that sort of moments. I also have posted something when I happen to look back later on and gasp "oh man, why oh why did I say that!"

I am not sure what was the source that caused you this kind of reaction, but maybe it helps to treat this kind of incident just as you would do in real life, real time, also in a situation among the internet communication... to remember that even if you don't see the other person, you are acutally dealing with real people with feelings, and that also there can be many other participants in the discussion. We are in total agreement that we are free to disagree, but just maintain a respectful, civilized manner, just as you need to do in the course of everyday real life. The next time something like this happens, try to take a deep breath and wait until you calm down a bit before you start typing away. I do that sometimes, too!

Keep smiling!
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(skilletlicker) We are such a hugely diverse group of people here, in age, culture, beliefs and language....I think we all do well not to upset each other more often than we do. I remember being very seriously over reactive to some comments made about a post of mine some months ago, and now I feel that I must be tougher about things said as well as more sensitive about how I write, communication is a two way street so I try and choose to assume that in a disagreeable posting, the person is not meaning to be hurtful, just clumsy or not clear. There are always going to be things that ruffle feathers, but the positives by far outweigh the negatives!
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Skillet, we all agree that your apology is happily accepted, and points well taken. So I would like to put a happy end to this thread on a peaceful note. Everyone have a great weekend!!
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