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?? Saturday JEOPARDY

Did you know....
the standard weight of a ping-pong ball is .09 ounces, equivalent to 2.5 grams..........
the maximum weight for a tennis ball in professional play is 2 1/16 oz. (minimum is 2.0 oz.)
JEOPARDY- "percussion"
1. ($200)- this large drum shares its name with another instrument in a standard rock band...
2. ($600)- varieties of cymbals include ride, splash, and this "loud" one...
3. ($1000)- this drum, used for military marching, shares it's name with a device to catch animals...
DOUBLE JEOPARDY- "invasions"
4. (400)- within hours of an august 1990 invasion, this country had complete control of one of it's neighbors...
5. ($1200)- ski boots were needed in quantity when Russia invaded this neighbor in 1939...
6. ($2000)- after the 1940 Nazi invasion of this country, Vidkun Quisling took power there...
FINAL JEOPARDY- "women authors"
7. a line in her first novel reads, "i am to replace my mother, whose seat at the mah-jongg table has been empty"
1. what is the bass (drum)?
2. what is a crash cymbal ?
3. what is a snare ?
4. what is Iraq ?
5. what is Finland?
6. what is Norway?
7. who is Amy Tan ?

“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.” – Adelle Davis
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