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So MAD Right Now! Need Advice

I watched my friend get bullied today. He was punched and then elbowed in the face by a bully I've always hated. I so wanted to avenge my friend but I held back.

The incident was reported and I was then asked to provide a witness account by my superior and I told him what I saw, infront of everyone. The bully got fuming mad and threatened to hit me once we stepped out of the office, but I ignored him.

What should I have done? What would you do if you were in my shoes? Was I a coward for not daring to hit him back to avenge my friend? Or should I have stepped back and denied seeing anything when asked to provide a witness account so as not to get involved. Everyone around me said I should have done the latter.

Gosh I feel like a delinquent when I'm in the military.

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I'd say you did the right thing. If the bully comes through on his threat, you have the right to defend yourself. OTOH, he may back off knowing you can't be intimidated.
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If he was punched and elbowed, that is more than bullying. Were the police called? If it was an attack, it seems they should have been called.

Hitting him after the attack would not have been the right choice. If the attack continued, stepping in to keep more damage from being done could have helped.

Not saying anything would also not be the right choice. The truth is always the best choice, but it might have been better to do it in private rather than saying it in front of everyone, including the attacker. It doesn't sound like it was very well handled by those in charge.

P.S. I didn't notice the military part before. Could you have asked to speak to your superior privately? I still think this would have been the best choice.
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Violence is, more often than not, a last resort. You did the right thing and you should not feel like you have done the wrong thing. You should report the threat to your superior, privately, if you wish. If this person's behavior is allowed to continue, things will only get worse. I hope the people in charge will take the appropriate action.
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First of all I don't think anybody's advice could help you. For one simple reason, we were not there, we did not see what was going on, we do not know you or the bully guy, or your friend for that matter. But I do know one thing, police should have been called in and it is not too late now. Because if goes on with this threat you are next in line to be hurting and G-d knows how many more before that guy is stopped.
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Isn't part of being in the military standing up for those who need help? You did the right thing.
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Originally Posted by msmofet View Post
Isn't part of being in the military standing up for those who need help? You did the right thing.


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