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Sunday Special- "AKA"

Sunday Special- "AKA"

The following is a listing of persons given names......
Your chore is to match them with their AKA (also known as)
Careful; as usual, their are more to choose from than you

1. Reginald Dwight
2. Norma Jean Baker
3. William Claude Dukenfield
4. Annie May Bullock
5. William Boyd
6. Vincent Fernier
7. Robert Leroy Parker
8. Joe Yule, Jr.
9. Demetrea Guynes
10. Leslie Lynch King, Jr.
11. Archie Leach
12. Mary Ann Evans
13. Cliff Arquette
14. William Bonney
15. Esther Pauline Friedman
16. Frances Gumm
17. Anna May Robinson
18. Louise Hovick
19. Gordon Sumner
20. Harry Longbaugh

List of AKA's
Hopalong Cassidy
Charlie Weaver
Gerald Ford
Gypsy Rose Lee
Boris Karloff
George Elliot
Sandra Dee
W.C. Fields
Demi Moore
Elton John
The Sundance Kid
Queen Latifah
Mickey Rooney
Ann Landers
Alice Cooper
Marilyn Monroe
Redd Foxx
Grandma Moses
Butch Cassidy
Judy Garland
Tina Turner
Carey Grant
Billy the Kid

BONUS ROUND- Fictional AKA's
(no list to choose from; you're on your own)
21. Lamont Cranston
22. Dr. David Bruce Banner
23. Captain Dan Reid
24. Diana Prince
25. Billy Batson
1. Elton John
2. Marilyn Monroe
3. W.C. fields
4. Tina Turner
5. Hopalong Cassidy
6. Alice Cooper
7. Butch Cassidy
8. Mickey Rooney
9. Demi Moore
10. Gerald Ford
11. Carey Grant
12. George Elliott
13. Charlie Weaver
14. Billy the Kid
15. Ann Landers
16. Judy Garland
17. Grandma Moses
18. Gypsy Rose Lee
19. Sting
20. The Sundance Kid
21. The Shadow
22. The Incredible Hulk
23. The Lone Ranger
24. Wonder Woman
25. Captain Marvel

“Bad men need nothing more to accomplish their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”
― John Stuart Mill
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Good morning, lt.

LOL! This one was funny for me. I hardly remember my own name most days!

Okay on 2, 11, 16, & 19.

Thanks for all the work you do
One of these days I'll make it worth your while.
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I don't think I did too badly today.

1. Elton John--I guessed Redd Foxx
2. Marilyn Monroe--Got it
3. W.C. fields--Got it
4. Tina Turner--Got it
5. Hopalong Cassidy--Got it
6. Alice Cooper--Got it
7. Butch Cassidy--Got him and Sundance turned around
8. Mickey Rooney--Got it
9. Demi Moore--Got it
10. Gerald Ford--Got it
11. Carey Grant--Got it
12. George Elliott--Guessed Queen Latifah!
13. Charlie Weaver--Got it
14. Billy the Kid--Got it
15. Ann Landers--Got it
16. Judy Garland--Got it
17. Grandma Moses--Got it
18. Gypsy Rose Lee--Got it
19. Sting--Got it
20. The Sundance Kid--Got him and Butch turned around
21. The Shadow--Got it
22. The Incredible Hulk--Got it
23. The Lone Ranger--Should have known but guessed Captain America
24. Wonder Woman--Got it
25. Captain Marvel--Guessed The Phantom

So I got 19 out of 25, and only a few were guesses.

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