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Sunday Special- History Quiz

Sunday Special- History Quiz
Easy Quiz today, seeing as how the week has been BRUTAL................

1. What were the revolutionary communists in Russia known as?

2. JFK's quote, 'This is a new ocean, and I believe the US should sail it,' referred to what?

3. regions of America that got hit by severe drought and dust storms were called what?

4. In 1965,the power went out in the northeast U.S. and in parts of Canada. It affected around 30 million people. What was it referred to afterwards?

5. What was the largest German concentration camp?

6. What USA natural disaster occurred on April 18, 1906?

7. Before the civil war, what was the south's largest export commodity?

8. Around "the Cape", what does ISS stand for?

9. What was the exact date of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor?

10. Al Capone was caught and imprisoned for what crime?

11. What strange phenomenon in Wiltshire and Hampshire in the 1970's and 1980's was first explained as the 'footprints of interplanetary travellers'?

12. The leader of the known world was assassinated on March 15th, 44BC. Who was he?

13. What event made President John F. Kennedy a national hero in 1962 ?

14. Great Britain and Argentina fouth over the ____________ in 1982.

15. Members of a Muslim sect, Hashishiyuns, were infamous for performing what?

1. Bolsheviks
2. Space
3. dust bowls
4. The Great Blackout
5. Auschwitz
6. San Francisco Earthquake
7. Cotton
8. International Space Station
9. December 7, 1941
10. Failure to pay income taxes
11. crop circles
12. Julius Caesar
13. The Cuban Missile Crisis
14. Falkland Islands
15. Assassinations


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good.” – Beth McCollister
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Only missed 6 and 8 today. Thanks LT, I was starting to get a bit discouraged after this week of toughies.
You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it. Robin Williams
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