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?? Sunday Special- Rocket Test

?? Sunday Special- Rocket Test
Rockets flying here, there and everywhere....

Let's have a quiz on rockets; you don't have to be a rocket Scientist to take it...........
Did you know...
The rocket apparently made its debut on the pages of history as a fire arrow used by the Chin Tartars in 1232 AD for fighting off a Mongol assault on Kai-feng-fu.

1. According to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, about how many nuclear warheads does the USA have sitting atop rockets.....this includes both operational and stand-down.............
bonus; what percentage of these are poised to fly?
2. You'd expect a pitcher with his gaudy stats to have done so, but Roger "the Rocket" Clemens never performed this feat. What is it?
3. They started out in San Diego; later, They "flew" to
Houston.................. who are they?
4. How many missiles did North Korea launch on July 4 ??
5. The Ship, HMS Erebus, is perhaps the most famous of the British fleet's "rocket" Ships.
She fired her Iron-cased rockets against what historic fort, in what war?
6. The German WWII "V-2" rocket and the USA's "Redstone" rocket, the one used in America's first nuclear missile tests, were both designed by this man................
7. what country was the first to successfully launch the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (I.C.B.M.) ?
8. The name he gave to his (and the world's) first successful liquid-propellant rocket, launched in 1926, was "little Nell". Name this "father of modern rocketry".
9. What's the name of the shoulder-fired rockets raining down on Isreal "as we speak"?
10. Fill in the blank (in pounds); Each of the Shuttle's solid rocket motors burns of propellant per second
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1. 10,000 --bonus; about 50 %
2. No-Hitters
3. the NBA Houston Rockets
4. Seven
5. She fired on Ft. McHenry in Baltimore Harbor, during the war of 1812,
causing the "rocket's red glare" that Francis Scott Key wrote about...
6. Wernher Von Braun
7. the then- Soviet Union, in 1957
8. Robert Goddard
9. Katyusha Rockets
10. 10,000

"Still, a man hears what he wants to hear, and disregards the rest"...
- Simon & Garfunkle
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