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Sunday Special - Who, What, Where, etc.

Sunday Special - Who, What, Where, etc.

1. Where Am I ?
I am a U.S. state.
I am dominated by the Rocky Mountains.
I really shine as “the Gem State.”
One of my borders follows the continental divide.
I boast America’s first destination ski resort.
My capital means “wooded” in French.

2. Who Am I ?
I am a non-human cartoon character.
Chuck Jones created me for Warner Bros. in 1948.
I am not one to talk much.
I appear on a fast automobile.

3. What Am I ?
I am a substance.
I am neither liquid nor solid.
I am a product of both fermentation and combustion.
Jan Baptist van Helmont discovered me in the 17th century.
Plants appear to need me more than humans.
The bubbly is always my responsibility at parties.

4. Where Am I ?
I am an ancient city.
I am important in literature and archaeology.
I probably existed in what is now Turkey.
There were many attempts to find me,
but my location wasn't confirmed untill around 1868

5. Who Am I ?
I am a scientist.
I studied microscopic organisms.
Institutes , hospitals, schools, and streets bear my name.
I saved the beer and wine industry in France.
Napoleon III asked me to study contamination.
Rabies was contained after my successful vaccine.

6. I am an animal.
I often dwell in domestic spaces.
My name is used to describe a timid person.
I am in the genus Mus.

7. Where Am I ?
I am a very hot U.S. region.
I was once a freshwater lake.
I am home to 40 species that exist nowhere else.
Despite being parched, I draw plenty of tourists.
In 1913, I reached 134 degrees Fahrenheit.

8. Who Am I ?
I am an Irish author and playwright.
I attended Trinity College in Dublin in 1871.
At U.S. customs, I had “nothing to declare but my genius.”
I published only one novel.
I became a spokesperson for the Aesthetic movement.
My last name sounds unrestrained.
I was enthusiastic about the pursuit of pleasure.
My final play was The Importance of Being Ernest.
9. Who Am I ?
I am a character on television.
My series premiered on Disney in 2006.
I moved from Nashville to Malibu.
The song “The Best of Both Worlds” starts my show.
My alter ego rocks out.

10. What Am I ?
I am an animal.
An American poet, Hart, had me as his last name.
People fold me out of paper.
I am also a machine that lifts heavy objects.
11. What Am I ?
I am a type of game.
I first appeared in India in the 6th century A.D.
I am played between two people.
Louis IX banned me in France.
12. Where Am I ?
I am a European country.
I was once part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
My idyllic beaches draw many visitors.
Zagreb is my capital.
I have seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
My shape resembles a croissant.
The Dalmatian takes its name from one of my regions.
13. Who Are We ?
We are German writers.
We were born in the 18th century.
Our tales are world famous.
Our work has been translated into at least 70 languages.
Jacob and Wilhelm were our first names.
14. Where Am I ?
I am a South American city.
At 8,660 feet above sea level, I’ll take your breath away.
My first inhabitants were the Muisca Indians.
I am sometimes known as the “Athens of South America.”
A cable car links me to the peak of Montserrate Mountain.
My Museo de Oro boasts 30,000 gold artifacts.
15. What Am I ?
I am a device.
I come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
I aid in amateur archaeological activity.
You may see me combing the beach.
When encountering a magnetic personality, I give a hoot.
16. Where Am I ?
I am a region.
I take up one-twelfth of the land on Earth.
I am mined for my natural resources.
My name means “sleeping land.”
You cross eight time zones if you traverse me.
17. Who Am I ?
I am a fictional character.
I originally appeared in A Thousand and One Nights.
My favorite companion is a monkey.
I experience swift upward social mobility.
18. What Am I ?
I am a device.
I have an effect on urban geography.
I first appeared in a department store in 1857.
I could induce claustrophobia.
When I open sometimes I “ding.”
19. Where Am I ?
I am a U.S. city.
I was founded in 1670.
My colonial charm is still intact.
The oldest museum in the U.S. calls me home.
The Civil War started with a bang at my Fort Sumter.
20. Who Am I ?
I am an actor and director.
I studied at the Chinese Opera Research Institute.
I broke into the American scene with The Big Brawl in 1980.
I aim to entertain with help from my acrobatics and mime training.
During one stunt, I almost broke my skull after a 40-foot fall.
1. I am Idaho
2. I am the Roadrunner
3. I am Carbon Dioxide
4. I am Troy
5. I am Louis Pasteur
6. I am a Mouse
7. I am Death Valley
8. I am Oscar Wilde
9. I am Miley Stewart
10. I am a Crane
11. I am Chess
12. I am Croatia
13. We are the Brothers Grimm
14. I am Bogotá
15. I am a Metal Detector
16. I am Siberia
17. I am Aladdin
18. I am an Elevator
19. I am Charleston, South Carolina
20. I am Jackie Chan

“Bad men need nothing more to accomplish their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”
― John Stuart Mill
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