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Sunday Special - Year by Year - The 60's

Fw: Sunday Special - Year by Year - The 60's

You will find below news headlines from the decade of the 1960's ; your chore is to put them in the correct order, 1960 to 1970.............

1. Johnson announces He won't Run.... MLK assassinated... RFK assassinated...
2. Chubby Checker has us all doing the Twist...First American "Advisor" killed by Viet Cong in an ambush...Lawrence of Arabia is released... Cuban Missile Crisis...
3. Beatles lose McCartney, decide to split up... first "Earth Day" celebrated... Kent State shootings shock Nation...
4. Bay of Pigs landing is a fiasco...Peace Corps is formed...Hemmingway commits suicide...
5.Three Astronauts killed in capsule fire... Ali won't serve ; loses Title... Elvis and Priscilla tie the knot... Israel wins Six-Day War...
6. U2 Spy plane shot down by Russia ; Breaks up the Big 4 Summit.... Clark Gable Dies...Floyd Patterson becomes first to regain Heavyweight Title...
7. Richard Speck murders eight nurses... California elects Reagan Governor... the Miniskirt is introduced...
8. "The Rock", Alcatraz, is no longer a prison... Paul Hornung and Alex Karras are suspended for betting on NFL games...Soviet Union puts first woman in space... Martin Luther King gives "I have a Dream" speech...
9. Houston Astrodome opens, first "Indoor" Baseball Park... Johnson signs Medicare Bill....the great Blackout darkens seven northeast States...
10. Jets win Super Bowl... First flight of the Concorde... Men walk on the Moon...
11. Beatles invade America.... Clay beats Liston for Heavyweight Title... Ford introduces the Mustang...

1. 1968
2. 1962
3. 1970
4. 1961
5. 1967
6. 1960
7. 1966
8. 1963
9. 1965
10. 1969
11. 1964

“Bad men need nothing more to accomplish their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”
― John Stuart Mill
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