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Old 12-15-2007, 08:43 AM   #1
Head Chef
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Tipping for the holidays

I was just watching on t.v. about tipping service people at Christmas. The list was long. I was just wondering how many people do this.

Example: A hairstylist should be tipped the price of a haircut.

I do tip the cleaning lady, mailman but never thought of the trash pickup and the long list of others. Wow I think I could go broke!


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Old 12-15-2007, 08:50 AM   #2
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Don't forget to tip your DC admins

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this link. Your eyes will thank you. VISUAL BLISS
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Old 12-15-2007, 08:56 AM   #3
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Here's a tip, GB. Tis better to give than to receive.LOL
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Old 12-15-2007, 09:02 AM   #4
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The cleaning lady I give an extra payment to has her Christmas gift, the mail lady I usually give a gift, newspaper person- small cash gift (they leave us a card with their address), hairdresser - I have two, one is my cousin, I give a gift - second one I give either cash (NOT the price of the hair cut though, maybe half that) - this year I gave her double tip and some homemade peanut brittle. I know you are supposed to do trash guys but I never do - we have recyclers, yard waste pick upers, and trash guys - multiples of each - WAY too much. Oh, giving some homemade baileys and a gift card to starbucks for the carpool moms. Dance coaches and preschool teachers and speech teachers all got gifts - bath and body works lotions and sprays or a armatale bread plate ---- whew.... now on to family.........
Michele Marie
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Old 12-15-2007, 10:59 AM   #5
Master Chef
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My hairdresser is my sister and I usually take her out to lunch or some such thing when she does my hair. My cleaning lady is me so I tip myself with a new outfit at Christmas. The trash and recycle guys are paid out of my property taxes which were sky high this year from a major reassessment so nothing for them. No kids teachers this year (one son done with college one son just starting). My tip list is very small!
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Old 12-15-2007, 11:09 AM   #6
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I feel that very few people need to make a tip. If you're legally paid under minimum wage, you deserve a tip. I don't live in a big city, so I don't have a doorman, I have no idea who my mailman is, and anyone willing to complain I will point to the menorah. :)
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Old 12-15-2007, 12:27 PM   #7
Sous Chef
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I tip my hairdresser every time I have my hair done.

No tip for the mailman. I don't even know who he/she is.

I give a Christmas bonus to the gardener. He and his crew are invaluable to me.

No cleaning lady.
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Old 12-15-2007, 09:34 PM   #8
Executive Chef
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We don't as a rule tip in Australia (yay!!) but in days gone by when the garbo and postie used to be on foot, we would give them a card with some cash in it and I have given some stubbies to the garbo in the past as well but generally, you can't leave these things out as they get nicked and because it is all automated, they don't take things from the bin tops.

Normally I give a bottle of wine to all of my doctors but wasn't thinking and it was only the night before my appts when it hit me I didn't have anything, so they missed out this year. Oh well, I'm skint this year anyway. :-(

Don't have a hairdresser, cleaning lady, teachers, pool guy, or anyone else, except for my neighbour's kid's ex-boyfriend as my gardener and as I just paid for the repairs to the retic that he put the shovel thru a couple of times (A$160), I think he will just have to settle for my good wishes!! LOL

And if the mailman was to get anything it would be a can of brake fluid - you can hear him coming from streets away!! :-)
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Old 12-15-2007, 09:47 PM   #9
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It may sound "ugly," but I tip for services beyond the call of duty. Our trash folks don't get anything because they are paid handsomely and do a mediocre job. We went nearly 6 weeks without the trash being picked up. They said we didn't put the container out properly. We'd been given new containers with no instructions.

Our mail carriers are exemplary in how they perform their duties. They are rewarded with a gift basket of homemade goodies. I reward our postmaster with a special basket because he always provides me with overseas Christmas mailing dates for my readers. I used to have to ask him for the dates, now I get the schedule from him in the mail at the end of October.

As for hairdressers here, the custom is not to tip. It's considered rude. Beyond that, I only go to the hairdresser about 4 times a year. He/she usually gets a friendly card with a note of thanks for wonderful services during the year.

We have no other service persons, so no more gift baskets or cards here.
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Old 12-16-2007, 01:36 PM   #10
Senior Cook
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Like Bilby, we don't really 'do' tipping here. Thank goodness - another expense at this time of year is the last thing I need!

I might give a box of chocolates or something to our mechanic, though, since he's been good to us. But I know that will be a surprise for him - not something he'd expect at all.
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Old 12-16-2007, 02:02 PM   #11
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Katie, you're very nice and generous! I like that.

We on the other hand...
well, the hair dresser ( I go about once a year) gets tipped at the time of service.
I just go to Supercuts and have a trim... I've never had my hair cut by the same person more than once.

Wait staff gets tipped ( if they are good) at the time of service.

Mail girl, garbage guys... they don't get a tip at all.
No housecleaner (boo-hoo)
No gardener ( bigger boo-hoo!!) but, If we used either I'd tip the cleaner because I'm sure there'd be some type of personal relationship but... all the gardeners around here already charge about three times what they are worth. So, no tip would be given.
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Old 12-16-2007, 03:41 PM   #12
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I tip my hairdresser and the lady who does my nails, I also leave something extra for the guy who knows my coffee and bagel order by heart, he gets me through my days and a few years ago, I reduced my tip amount by about 5 dollars per person , i also gave them a baked something, be it cookies or fudge, and bought toys for tots... giving really is better than receiving :)

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