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trivia 1/2

trivia 1/2

The grasp of a newborn baby is so strong that its whole body can hang in midair, with its bent fingers supporting its weight.

1. What in the world is a vuvuzela ?
a. - a kitchen knife
b. – an Argentinian dance
c. – A noisemaking horn
d. – A rare disease
2. What was the third Nation to send a man into space ?
3. Dorothy’s magic slippers were ruby red in the famous film ; what color were they in the book that inspired it ?
4. Brooks Robinson (Orioles) and Carl Yastrzemski (Red Sox) share the record for most consecutive seasons with the same club ; how many years was it ?
a. – 20
b. – 21
c. – 22
d. – 23
5. What famous astronomer proved the existence of galaxies other than our own ?
6. Name the Beatles Tune that includes the lyrics,
“Living is easy with eyes closed,
misunderstanding all we see........”
7. After what famous baseball player did Woody Allen name a son, and Spike Lee name a daughter ?
8. What gemstone was used in all of the medals awarded at the 2008 Olympics ?
(Hint; the games were held in China......)
Bob Cratchit, the character from A Christmas Carol, had nine children.
1. – c
2. China
3. Silver
4. – d
5. Edwin Hubble
6. “Strawberry Fields Forever”
7. Satchel Paige
8. Jade
But He did have six,identified in the novel as sons Tiny Tim and Peter, daughters Martha and Belinda, and two unnamed younger children, a boy and a girl.

“Food is like sex: When you abstain, even the worst stuff begins to look
good.” – Beth McCollister
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