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trivia 1/28

trivia 1/28
Everyone knows how 50 or 60 "Sons of Liberty," disguised as Mohawks, protested the 3 cents per pound British tax on tea by dumping chests of the popular drink into Boston Harbor on December 16, 1773. Fewer know that the improper Bostonians repeated the performance on March 7, 1774. The two tea parties cost the British around $3 million in modern money

1. What breed is sometimes referred to as the wiener dog ?
2. What do you do with a "Deerstalker" ?
3. In which country did freedom protester Steve Biko die in custody ?
4. What was the name of the Addams Family's butler ?
(Bonus; what was his catch-phrase ?)
5. What is the primary ingredient of Kugel ?
6. What's the flavoring used in making Gin ?
7. What song connects Sonny & Cher (1965) and Chrissy Hynde & UB40 (1985) ?
8. "Well, DUH!" Department; (new)
True or false; crocodiles are herbivores.
truth or crap ??
Napoleon was a child prodigy in mathematics.
1. Dachshund
2. Wear it on your head
3. South Africa
4. Lurch ("You rang??")
5. Noodles
6. Juniper Berries
7. I got You Babe
TRUTH ! (or maybe false !)
To his teachers Napoleon certainly appeared a model pupil, especially in mathematics... But a prodigy ??
Although traditionally given the credit, there is no specific evidence that Napoleon Bonaparte discovered or proved the famous Napoleon theorem.

Both responses are correct today !


“Food is like sex: When you abstain, even the worst stuff begins to look
good.” – Beth McCollister
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What is it my birthday?
#1 - Of course I got this correct
#2 - correct
#4 - correct
Bonus - correct
#5 - correct
#6 - correct
#7 - correct
#8 - both - I've never seen them spit out any unwanted stuff
when they're chomping on meat

Boy. How easy this seems when you know the answers! LOL!

Thanks, lt.

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5 / 8 and the TorC. Thanks, LT, for keeping me thinking.
Practice safe lunch. Use a condiment.
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