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Trivia 10/11

TRIVIA 10/11
Did you know...
At the start of the Civil War, President Lincoln offered command of the Union Armey to Robert E. Lee, before Lee accepted his post with the Confederacy.
1. Can you name the fast-food franchise creator whose autobiography is titled, Grinding It Out ?
2. The "Boston Tea Party" occured in what year?
3. What was the name of the production company owned by lucille Ball and her husband ?
4. Joe Pesci won a best supporting actor Oscar for the rol of Tommy DeVito in what film?
5. What indoor sport takes place on a Piste?
6. In which city is Santa Monica Bay?
7. What year saw the opening of the "Chunnel", the tunnel under the English Channel, open to rail traffic?
8. What sort of critter is a Fluke?
The Apple Blossom is the National Floral Emblem of the USA.
1. ray krock (McDonalds)
2. 1773
5. fencing
6. los angeles
7. 1994
8. a worm
The Rose is.
During the 80's Ronald Reagan spoke the following words to indtroduce the rose as the US National Floral Emblem:"...we hold the rose dear as the symbol for life, love and devotion, of beauty, and eternity...".
Other countries also have floral emblems. China's id the plum blossom; Australia's, the golden wattle.

“Food is like sex: When you abstain, even the worst stuff begins to look
good.” – Beth McCollister
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