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trivia 10/11

trivia 10/11
The remains of fast-food shops have been found in ancient ruins! Even ancient Greeks enjoyed take-out. The only thing that is new is the mass production, standard menus and recipes of fast-food "chains."

1. what percentage of America's ports are controlled by foreign companies?
2. can you name the san Francisco mayor shot to death in 1978?
3. do you remember how Barry bonds did at his very first major league at-bat?
4. how long was tom Dempsey's record-setting field goal?
(Bonus; Name the player who tied that record this year...)
5. at the height of the last ice age, about how much lower -in feet-was the sea level on earth than it is now?
a. - 400 Ft.
b. - 450 Ft.
c. - 500 Ft
d. - 500 Ft
6. at the height of the ice age, what percentage of the earth's land was covered by ice ?
a. - 22 %
b. - 27 %
c. - 32 %
d, - 37 %
e. - 42 %
7. What year saw the introduction of the first Disposable camera ?
(within two years is a correct answer)
8. - .....How about the first Digital Camera ?
(within two years is a correct answer)
john Wilkes booth's brother once saved the life of Abe Lincoln's son.
1. 80 %
2. George Moscone
3. hit a grand-slam
(Sebastian Janikowski)
5. - a - about 400 feet lower
6. - c - 32 %
7. 1986
8. 1994
while in his late teens, Abe Lincoln's son, robert, was returning home from Harvard when he lost his balance and fell between two railway cars.
A fellow passenger reacted quickly, pulling him from certain death. the helping hand was that of Edwin booth, brother of the
man who would soon assassinate the young man's father.

“Bad men need nothing more to accomplish their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”
― John Stuart Mill
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