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trivia 11/22

trivia 11/22
Did you know...
The average American adult male consumes about 4900 calories on Thanksgiving Day, more than twice the Recommended number.
1. What are the names of the two characters in the British Sit-Com, "Absolutely
Fabulous" ?
2. What was the type of animal featured in Peter Benchley's novel, "Beast" ?
3. Fill in the blank;
The herb feverview is often taken to prevent ________ .
a. - Migraines
b. - Cataracts
c. - Diarrhea
d. - Iron deficiency Anemia
4. What was the name of Jack Palance's character in the film, "City Slickers" ?
5. What is the name of the organization of WWII Airmen who have survived being shot
down over water?
a. – the Swordfish Club
b. – The Fly fishers Club
c. – the Goldfish Club
d. – The Angelfish Club
6. In the film, "Rocky", can you recall the names of Rocky's two pet turtles?
7. What product used the ad slogan, "How do you spell relief" ?
8. Who was the victim of assassin Leon Czolgosz ?
a. – George Lincoln Rockwell
b. – Yitzhak Rabin
c. – Mohandas Gandhi
d. – William McKinley
Special Interests once wanted Americans to spend more money, so they persuaded a pliant White House to declare that Thanksgiving will be held one week earlier, lengthening the holiday shopping season!
1. Edina & Patsy
3. - a
5. – c
Throughout the 1930’s, merchant groups lobbied FDR to move Thanksgiving up a week from its traditional last Thursday in November. Christmas shopping started on the Friday afterward, even then; many stores wanted seven extra days of selling time. Finally, in 1939, a year when November had five Thursdays and Thanksgiving was to fall on the last day of the month, FDR heeded these calls and announced that the holiday would be Nov. 23. Chaos ensued.
Letters of protest swamped the White House. Small businesses said only chain stores would benefit. Schools were livid about changing plans for Thanksgiving football games. Calendarmakers groused that preprinted stock was obsolete. And, yes, many citizens did not want the tradition changed.
“This country is not entirely money-minded, we need a certain amount of idealism and sentiment to keep up the morale of our people,” wrote a Robert Benson of Groton, S.D., in a letter to the White House now in the FDR Library collection.
Some states defied the president and held Thanksgiving on the traditional day. Some had two holidays, calling one “Franksgiving.”
The experiment lasted through 1941. In December of that year, Congress passed a bill establishing the fourth Thursday in November as a unified Thanksgiving for all Americans. FDR, perhaps happy the episode was behind him, signed it into law.

“Food is like sex: When you abstain, even the worst stuff begins to look
good.” – Beth McCollister
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