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Trivia 12/2

trivia 12/2


In 1989 two California school districts banned Little Red Riding Hood by the Brothers Grimm. Was it because the Big Bad Wolf s consumption of people seemed too violent? Nope. School officials thought the story might encourage children to drink because it depicts a bottle of wine in the basket Red brings to her grandmother.

1. What sign of the Zodiac connects January and February ?
2. In the film Pulp fiction, all of the clocks are stuck on what time ?
3. The smallest county in the USA, at 22 square miles, is an island, and is also the most populous county in America : In which of the fifty is this county located ?
4. What welcome item was installed in the Statue of Liberty in 1986 ?
5. Fill in the blank;
Woodrow Wilson's VP, Thomas Marshall, stated that " What this country needs is a good 5-cent __________ " .
6. Can you name the states located at each end of the Appalation Trail ?
7. York, Pennsylvania is the center for the production of what type of exercise equipment ?
8. In 1963, Kodak introduced a camera with a fool-proof way of loading the film ; it was encased in a cartridge. What was the name of this camera ?
"Tears"and "legs" refer to the same thing when it comes to talking about wine.
1. Aquarius
2. 4:20
3. New York ( "New York County" is the island of Manhattan.)
4. An Elevator
5. Cigar

6. Georgia and Maine
7. Bar Bells / Weight Lifting
8. Instamatic
Both of the terms refer to the liquid substance that "clings" to the side of one's glass after the wine is swirled around it. the more alcohol in the wine, the more surface rivulets remain visible on the glass.


I come from a home where gravy is a beverage.
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1. Aquarius--Got it
2. 4:20--Nope
3. New York--Got it
4. An Elevator--Got it
5. Cigar--Got it
6. Georgia and Maine--Nope. LOL This was my first thought, but then I went with Tennessee and New York!
7. Bar Bells / Weight Lifting--Nope
8. Instamatic--Got it
TRUTH !!--Got it (total guess)


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I only got #1 and half of #8 (Maine), and the TorC. But, it was a good try!! Thanks!
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