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Trivia 12/27

Trivia 12/27

Did you know...
Origin of the word “dog”
“Although the dog was probably the first domesticated animal, the word ‘dog’ was not its original name. This animal was generally called ‘hund,’ which evolved into the modern word ‘hound.’ In time, the Old English (pre-12th century) ‘docga’ usurped ‘hund’ and the name spread to other languages as a name for a specific breed. It influenced French ‘dogue’ (mastiff); Spanish ‘dogo’ (terrier); Swedish ‘dogg’ (bulldog); and German ‘dogge’ (Great Dane). By the 13th century, a ‘hound’ was strictly a hunting dog.”

1. What is the hottest air temperature ever recorded on the earth ? (we're talking weather here, not volcanic activity, steam influences, etc)
2. A valley in which country (it's in Africa) has the world's highest AVERAGE temperature, at 94 degrees ?
3. What singer has the all-time Top-selling album by a female?
4. What WWII event was code-named "Operation Overlord" ?
5. Fill in the blank; "Parrot heads" are fans of ______?
6. What's the more common name for cerumen, a bodily secretion?
7. What island nation is nick-named "the Pearl of the Antilles" ?
8. Name the off-spring of an ex-President who was named PEOPLE magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive" in 1988.
the reason canning jars a referred to as "Mason Jars" is that they were originally manufactured from masonry.
1. one hundred thirty-six

4. D-DAY
6. earwax
7. cuba
The common canning jar was invented by John L. Mason in 1858. Mason was a tinsmith and came up with the idea of screw threads for the lid on glass jars that allowed them to be enclosable and reusable.
The Mason jar immediately changed lifestyles and diets. Until then, root cellars, pickle barrels and smokehouses were needed to preserve food through the winter. for the first time, vegetables and fruits could be kept for later use.

“Bad men need nothing more to accomplish their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”
― John Stuart Mill
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Got 3, 4, 6 and 8 today. Thanks LT. Oh, and I guessed in Celcius but when I converted I was a teeny bit off. I guessed 51C. Close, but no cigar there.
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