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trivia 2/1

trivia 2/1
The chains worn by Mr. T on The A-Team weighed 35 to 40 pounds.
1. Who is the US based company who told us to "Just do it"?
2. What Political party was Woodrow Wilson a member of?
3. Fruit that is desiccated is prepared in what way?
4. What animated TV show made its US debut on September 30, 1960?
a. - The Jetsons
b. - The Flintstones
c. – Mighty Mouse
d. – Huckleberry Hound
5. Britian’s Yeoman Warders, Guards at the Tower of London and elsewhere, are also known as....... what ?
6. Complete the quote;
"A government that robs ______ to pay ____ can always depend on the support of ____ ." - George Bernard Shaw
7. What is the last pillar of Islam?
a. - to perform the Hajj
b. - to fast during the month of Ramadan
c. - to pray five times a day
d. - to recite the Shahadah
8. What is unique – and almost certain to be obvious – about an acersecomic person ?
a. – born with no arms
b. – toothless
c. – freckles
d. – never had a haircut
The late Senator Edward M. Kennedy was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in 1955.

1. Nike
2. Democrat
3. dried
4. – b
5. Beefeaters
6. Peter – Paul – Paul
7. – a
8. – d
Kennedy, who was a talented Tight End on the Harvard squad, declined the offer, explaining that he was going to pursue “another contact sport, politics”.

“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.” – Adelle Davis
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