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trivia 2/14

trivia 2/14
Did you know that if you slice your strawberries from the stem to the bottom
of the berry, you get heart shaped slices? This is perfect for Valentine's Day
or any other special occasion. Want to use just fanned slices? Take hole,
cleaned strawberries; slice them on a slight angle from just below the stem
and leaves to the bottom. Once cut, ever so slightly, between forefinger and
thumb, spread the slices out.
No one knows for certain, but the leading candidate is a third-century Roman priest
named Valentine. After Claudius II decreed that his soldiers were not allowed to
marry, the romantic Valentine defied the emperor and performed secret wedding
ceremonies-for which he was caught and imprisoned. Valentine was enamored of the jailer’s daughter and, shortly before his execution, left her a love note that was signed “From Your Valentine.” He was beheaded on February 14, 269
1. His name is Cupid, but what sort of critter is he?
a. – a God
b. – a Cherub
c. – an angel
d. – an Imp
2. What’s the Greek equivalent for Cupid ?
3. Shakespeare coined the term, "Star-crossed Lovers" in which of his plays ?
4.What fruit is also known as the "love apple"?
5. What date was the first recorded Valentine sent?
a. - 1838
b. - 1415
c. - 1972
d. – 1615
6. If you are quick to show your feelings where do you "wear your heart" ?
7. If I pay for my dinner, and She pays for hers, we are _____ _____ .....
8. The average price of a dozen Long-Stemmed Roses Nationwide is $40, except for the three weeks leading up to Valentine’s day, when the average price leaps to .......what ?
The use of an “X” to represent a kiss dates to the Middle Ages, when, in order to make a document binding, the parties involved would sign the document in the presence of a Priest, who would then kiss the signature(s) to verify the documents’ legality.
1. - a
2. Eros
3. Romeo and Juliet
4. Tomato
5. – b
6. “on your sleeve
7. Going Dutch
8. $70
The symbolism dates to the Middle Ages, alright, but the circumstances of the “X” representing a kiss came about through the practice of illiterate people “signing” a document with an “X” in front of two or more witnesses and then kissing the “X” to show their sincerity.

“Bad men need nothing more to accomplish their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”
― John Stuart Mill
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