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trivia 2/24

trivia 2/24
Surfing originated in ancient Hawaii and there are 1600 recognized surf
spots throughout the Hawaiian islands.

1. What sort of critter is the Rhebok or Reebok ?
2. What TV canine, with the help of a TV writer, pawed out his autobiography entitled My Life as a Dog ?
3. When it comes to Japanese Martial Arts, what type of weapon is used in Jukendo ?
4. Where in the world are Major League Baseballs produced ? (Bonus; how about NBA regulation Basketballs ?)
(Bonus bonus; NFL Footballs ?)
5. What's the largest joint in the human body ?
6. In what month does Oktoberfest begin annually in Munich, Germany ?
7. What literary classic is about a man who was imprisoned on the tiny Mediterranean island of "If" ?
8. What percent of their net income did U.S. couples in the top tax bracket pay during the Eisenhower Administration ?

The longest mountain system on our Earth is the Andes Range, in South
1. an Antelope
2. Moose, the Jack Russell Terrier known as Eddie, on Frasier
3. Bayonets

4. Costa Rica (China) ((Ohio, USA))
5. the knee
6. September (the 18th)
7. The Count of Monte Cristo
8. 91 % on incomes over $400,000

The world's longest mountain system is known as Ocean Ridge, which is a
chain of mountains that runs on the seafloor of five oceans around the
world; it has a length of 65,000 kilometers (40,400 mi), and the total
length of the system is 80,000 kilometers (49,700 mi).
The Andes is the world's longest mountain system on the surface of a
continent; it is 7,000 kilometers (4,300 mi) in length.

“Bad men need nothing more to accomplish their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”
― John Stuart Mill
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