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trivia 2/8

trivia 2/8
A male emperor angelfish lives together with up to five female mates. If the emperor angelfish dies, one of the females turns into a male fish and becomes the leader of the group.

1. Name the Four Islands that make up the Greater Antilles ...
2. What Singer’s name was tweaked to provide the name of the title character in the popular stage and Hollywood musical, Bye, Bye Birdie ?
3. What material did Adventurer Thor Heyerdahl use to build the Ra II, the boat he sailed from Morocco to Barbados in 1970 ?
4. What was the name of the giant prehistoric flying turtle features in Japanese horror films ?
5. What Scottish lake contains more fresh water than all the lakes in England and Wales combined ?
6. How old must a person be to serve as a U.S. Congressman ? How about as Senator ?
7. What year was the famous Ali-Frazier “Rumble in the Jungle” ?
a. –1971
b. – 1972
c. – 1973
d. – 1974
8. In which of his 31 films does Elvis have his only non-singing role ?
Mobster Bugsy Siegel named his trend-setting Las Vegas hotel Casino the Flamingo, after his girl friend.
1. Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and Hispaniola
2.Conway Twitty
3. Papyrus Reeds
4. Gamera
5. Loch Ness
6. at least 25 years old ; at least 30 years old
7. – d
8. Charro (1969)
She was Vegas Showgirl Virginia Hill, who was nick-named the Flamingo because of her flaming red hair and long legs.

“Bad men need nothing more to accomplish their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”
― John Stuart Mill
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