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Trivia 3/29

trivia 3/29
The busiest U.S. airport by passenger traffic is Hartfield-Jackson Airport, in Atlanta, Georgia. The busiest airport outside the U.S. is Heathrow Airport, in London, UK.

1. What tennis player became the first Swede since Bjorn Borg to win Wimbledon (1989) ?
2. What's the name of the narrow strip of water separating South America and Antarctica where the Pacific ocean, Atlantic ocean and the Southern Sea merge ?
3. For what as yet unscheduled flight does Pan American Airlines have more than ninety thousand reservations ?
4. Multiple Choice;
The Hopi Indians were known to hunt small game with .....
A. Blowguns
B. Boomerangs
C. Bow and Arrows
5. Who's Brer Bear's best buddy in the Disney movie, Song of the South ?
6. What European Country is home to the world's oldest Soccer Club ?
7. To which of the fifty must I travel to debark at the John Wayne Airport ?
8. Does sound travel faster at room temperature or at the freezing point ?
Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in Paris, where his parents were vacationing.
1. Stefan Edberg
2. Drake Passage
3. flight to the Moon
4. B.- Boomerangs
5. Brer Fox
6. England
7. California
8. room temperature
He was born in Thal, a small Austrian village.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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Really bad showing for me on this one.

It did bring back memories though. I imagine it was the sixties or early seventies the last time I saw Song of the South. It's probably not considered politically correct these days.
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