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trivia 3/5

trivia 3/5
Wonderful! Lawrence Welk’s vanity license plate: A1 AND A2.

1. The very first commercial during a televised sporting event aired during a 1939 world
series game; What product was the ad for?
a. - Soap
b. - Car
c. - Razor Blades
d. - Beer
2. What's the average winter temperature at the south pole?
a. - Minus 62 F.
b. - Minus 72 F.
c. - Minus 82 F.
d. - Minus 92 F.
3. What conservative TV political pundit was once suspended from Georgetown
University for punching a policeman?
(hint; He was a 2000 presidential candidate)
4. Who wrote the chart-topping book, "Murder in Brentwood"?
5. What year saw BOTH of Los Angeles' NFL teams skip town?
6. Name the only school in the Ivy League that's a "college" rather than a "University".
7. Which European city is home to the hemp, Hashish and marijuana museum?
8. What California community was the home of the characters on the "Three's Company"
The Wheel was invented in Asia.
1. - a (Ivory soap)
2. - b
3. Pat Buchannan
5. 1995
6. Dartmouth
8. Santa Monica
The wheel was invented in Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq) between 5000 and 3500,
The first wheels were developed as a tool for potters, and it was only after 300 years or so
that someone had the bright idea to use them to transport goods and people.

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