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trivia 5/23

trivia 5/23
The odds of a three-way tie occurring on JEOPARDY ! : 1 in 25 million. (It’s happened only once.)

1. What's the only country other than the USA where giant redwoods grow ?
2. What's the more common term for Kinetic Art objects ?
3. How Many Time zones are there on the planet ?
4. What is the first name of the American painter, Whistler?
5. Can you name the Canadian city formerly known as Fort York ?
6. "Leaflets three, let it be!" is the rhyme to warn you away from what?
7. This city has more fountains than any other in the world...
8. They are called the "Royal Family of the American Stage"; what family are they ?

The world’s hardest mineral is NOT the diamond.

1. china
3. 40
4. James
5. Toronto
6. Poison Ivy

The Diamond had already lost its title of the "world's hardest material" to man-made nanomaterials some time ago. Now two rare natural substances look likely to leave them all far behind – at 58% harder than diamond.

The first, wurtzite boron nitride has a similar structure to diamond, but is made up of different atoms.

The second, the mineral lonsdaleite, or hexagonal diamond is made from carbon atoms just like diamond, but they are arranged in a different shape.

Only small amounts of wurtzite boron nitride and lonsdaleite exist naturally or have been made in the lab so until now no one had realized their superior strength. The simulation showed that wurtzide boron nitride would withstand 18% more stress than diamond, and lonsdaleite 58% more. If the results are confirmed with physical experiments, both materials would be far harder than any substance ever measured.

Doing those tests won't be easy, though. Because both are rare in nature, a way is needed to make enough of either of them to test the prediction.

Rare mineral lonsdaleite is sometimes formed when meteorites containing graphite hit Earth, while wurtzite boron nitride is formed during volcanic eruptions that produce very high temperatures and pressures.

“Bad men need nothing more to accomplish their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”
― John Stuart Mill
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