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trivia 5/30

trivia 5/30
There’s a bizarre theory among fans of Gilligan’s Island: that the island represents hell, and the seven castaways are trapped there because each personifies one of the seven deadly sins. Ginger represents lust because she’s a foxy movie star. Mary Ann is envy because she’s jealous of Ginger’s beauty. The Professor, with his superior intellect, is pride. Mr. Howell, the millionaire, represents greed. Mrs. Howell represents sloth because she’s a work-averse millionaire’s wife. The Skipper is gluttony and anger, a fat guy who always wants more to eat and is always getting mad at Gilligan. Gilligan himself? According to the theory, he represents Satan. (It’s his island, after all.) The proof: He always bungles their plans for escape … because there is no escape from hell. And he always wears red.

1. What food ingredient is known as the Royal Herb ?
2. Diane Keaton appeared in how many of Woody Allen's movies ?
3. What is the very appropriate state flower of Massachusetts ?
4. Do you know what the first toy products were that Mattel produced ?
a. - Toy Trains
b. - Toy Soldiers
c. - Doll House furniture
d. - Tiddly-Winks and Jacks
5. What's the primary ingredient of classic Duck Sauce?
6. How many miles long is the trans-Alaska pipeline ?
(Bonus-What's the pipeline's diameter ?)
7. In the board game "Clue", how many bedrooms are there ?
8. In what decade was the first trans-Atlantic communications cable laid ?
Marc Anthony and Cleopatra were the parents of three children.
. 1. basil
2. seven
4. - c
8. 1800's (1866)
Cleopatra gave birth to twins in 40 b.c. They were named Cleopatra Selene ("moon") and
Alexander Hellos ("sun"). Their last child together, Ptolemy Philadelphus, was born a
few years later.

“Bad men need nothing more to accomplish their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”
― John Stuart Mill
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