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Trivia 7/28

trivia 7/28
In 1995, KFC sold 11 pieces of chicken for every man, woman and child in the US.A.

1. what's the very first word in the US constitution?
2. who starred in the 1950's-60's TV cowboy series, "wanted-dead or alive"?
3. the star ship enterprise ("star trek") traveled sometimes at "warp speed".....
the question is, how fast were they going at warp factor one?
4. who has been on the cover of people magazine more times (53) than anyone else?
5. can you name the six "weapons" used in a game of "clue"?
6. what was the name of the 1988 horror film spoof in which a relatively unknown george clooney uttered the line, "that was the bravest thing i've ever seen a vegetable do!"?
7. to which south american country must i travel to visit Cartegena?
8. what was the name of the small lake near concord, mass. where henry david thoreau lived and wrote his best known work?
the new age musician, yanni, attended the london conservatory of music and composed
classical operas before finding new age musical stardom.
1. "We"
2. Steve McQueen
3. The Speed of Light
4. Princess Di
5. Knife, Gun, Spanner Wrench, Rope, Lead Pipe, Candle Holder
6. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
7. Columbia
8. Walden Pond
yanni can't even read music!
the greek-born performer and composer is self-taught. he received no musical training
but did get a psychology degree from the university of minnesota.
despite his inability to read or notate music, yanni does compose all of his own works.


“Food is like sex: When you abstain, even the worst stuff begins to look
good.” – Beth McCollister
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A big 0 today.
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