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Trivia 7/30

trivia 7/30
Americans consumed over 3.1 billion pounds of chocolate in 2001, which was almost half of the total world's production.
1. Which is farther north; London or Berlin ?
2. Tuesday Weld played Thalia Menninger on what 50's Sitcom ?
3. What U.S. President called Prairie Chapel Ranch home ?
4. Which American film was released in Finland under a Title that translated to "Monday the Whole Week" ?
5. Who recorded Be-Bop-a-Lula in 1956 ?
6. politically speaking, what is a WASP?
7. which state is sometimes called "the mother of presidents", because no less than eight presidents were born there?
8. how many "first moves" are possible for each player in a game of chess?
redd foxx was the first man to utter "hell" on prime time television, and was also the first
man to engage in an inter-racial kiss on prime-time television.

1. Berlin
2. The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis
3. George W. Bush
4. Groundhog Day
5. Gene Vincent
6. White, Anglo-Saxon Protestant
7. Virginia
8. Twenty
william shatner was the first to do both, on the "star trek" hit series.
his character, captain kirk, kissed nichelle nichols (lt. uhura) on the "plato's children"
episode, and said, "let's get the hell out of here", in the episode entitled, "city on the edge
of forever".

“Food is like sex: When you abstain, even the worst stuff begins to look
good.” – Beth McCollister
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