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Trivia 8/4

trivia 8/4
When using the first pay telephones (in New Haven, Conn., June 1880) a caller did not deposit his coins in the machine. He gave them to an attendant stationed next to the telephone. Those familiar coin slots did not appear until 1899.
1. One of his two titles is Duke of Edinburgh; what's the other ?
2. Of the substances that make up your teeth- enamel, dentin, and pulp- which is elephant ivory made of ?
3. If it's title used surnames instead of first names what 1991 tragi-comic road movie would be titled Dickinson and Sawyer ?
4. Which Sesame Street character has pet goldfish named Lyle and Talbot ?
5. What was Zelda Gilroy's (Sheila James) term of endearment for the title character on the TV series, The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis (Dwayne Hickman) ?
6. Which of the US Presidents was born at Pope's Creek Plantation ?
7. What stage name was used by Simon and Garfunkel early in their career ?
8. As mystery fans know, Cyanide is often said to have the bitter aroma of.....what ?
Termites live in a caste society.
1. (his royal highness) prince phillip
2. dentin
6. george washington
The pale, winged insects, known best for eating you out of house and home, are divided into a strict caste system, which includes soldier termites and a reproductive caste. The largest number of insects belong to the worker class- the ones most determined to destroy your expensive oak paneling.


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I just got #s 1, 2, 3, 8, and T or C today.


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Hey, lt.
I was out of it last night, so I missed ya.
But didn't do well tonight anyway.

Okay on #2, lucky guess. And I just heard today, elephants go through 4 sets of teeth in their lifetime. If the 4th set wears down, they starve to death. Owho.

Okay on #8.
Okay on TRUTH.

Thanks. Now I'll check 8/05.

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